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12-27-2000, 22:21
Hello Everyone,
I've been really interested in being part of a mod team that would be interested in doing a Fantasy mod to thsi game. IT seems that there are a few things that would have to be worked on do get it running, and finding artists with enough skills to handle the artwork that is prevalent in Warhammer would be a challenge. But if there's anyone out there who's interested post their ideas or questions or anythign at all in this thread. Or jsut what anyone understands as teh present situation on the ability to edit the game, how successful peopel have been and what not. Let me know what the general level of interest is in this. I've been dying for it... is anyone else?

p.s. PLease excuse my typing... hehe... I"m lazy.. dont' correct typos. ;-)

12-29-2000, 06:36
I thought I'd reply here instead of in the other thread. I'm mostly doing it on my own. I found (thnks to some help from this forum) some programs to convert .LBM, which seems to be the lo-res sprites. I've been remaking some of them to see if it works. I've sort of gotten a new Archer set, and am working on some others - strictly a graphics change, no stats changes at all. The real goal is to be able to use them for a scripted campaign - Evil vs Good, the cliche fantasy scenario. I'll post updates as they happen. It's tough getting time to devote to it, what with jobs, personal life, and all those things that get in the way of good gaming! And living on Maui, there are more than the usual umber of distractions! ;>

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12-29-2000, 08:48
lol... mmmmmmmm... Maui... it's been SOOO cold here lately that thinking about a tropical setting... well... let's say it's a little more than difficult.

Have you ever heard of "Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat" and "Warhammer: Dark Omen"?

There may be .lbm files in those games already. I believe that the engine used for those games are similar, or the "children" to Shogun's engine. It is very possible, and mroe than likely that the display system is quite the same for both. You may be able to find some images in the code/files of those two games that will suit your purpose. With a little modification to their artists work, you may be able to come up with some sweet troops.

I hope that that is of some help to you, I think i'd be interested in helping you out with this editing, I do some graphics myself and I"d be interested if you're willing to see what we can come up with between the two of us.

My email is Straius@Bellatlantic.net

In case you'll want to contact me.

Thanks for replying :-)

12-29-2000, 23:57
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12-30-2000, 05:50
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01-04-2001, 00:59
I've heard good things of them, but never played. If you want to help out, that's great! Mostly, I'm converting the .lbm to .jpg or .gif, and using PhotoShop to redraw the figures. The LBM is basically one page, with a bunch of little bodies all lined up. The processor knows which section to "clip out" for each frame of each animation. You can't really use other artwork, since the clipping rectangle wouldn't be in the exact same pixels. The hard part at this point is figuring out which body represents which step of which animation! Some are obvious (firing bows, etc) but some are tough. The testing phase is putting the new unit through maneuvers, and seeing where the animation is jerky. Then going back, retouching the picture, reconverting back to LBM, retesting..... more work than fun! If you're interested, I can send a .jpg of bodies for one character type, and you can see if you want to redraw some figures!

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