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Yamaga Shimazu
01-10-2001, 15:08
Hi everybody,
upon the recent talking with Maggy, i have chosen to make the experiments public in order to inform the community about the chance to play different games under a certain system of rules which make the battle more realistic.
Any set of rules i had previously devised had the unsurpassable limit of 16 units per army, therefore the reduction in number of samurai troopers led to a standard infantry war with too few missiles/cavs.
No "big battle" tactic can ever be played since the max number of men is usually around 960.
With this system which is a bit hard on the players' mind i finally surpassed (thanx to maggy's idea) the limit of 16 units per army while keeping the balance and historical accuracy of the old set of rules (which are now at third edition).


these the balanced and realism rules to play with 22 units in multiplayer battles.
I am trying to extend the knowledge of base in order to have more players available for testing. Pls, extend these rules to those u know via email...i will also forward this message to Erado San, Jaidee, Rob, Starfire and Dave (hach) of the org.
Hopefully we will be enough players to test this and will have a result quicker than expected.
The first test with ashen, erado, me and linkred brought up the vision of a great battle with long time to use missiles and wide tactics to use for the cavalry and infantry. The test had a fatal flaw, one of linkred's nd was honored 6 but all in all what i saw is a very good result.


The idea is quite simple and comes from maggy. We tested my ruled system and both agreed the limit of 16 units per army is too strict to allow for a free game. In other words, as long as there is 16 units, and the 66% is yari ashigaru, the cav will never have the numbers needed to effectively avoid the yari or to effectively engage the monks (who should be the target of the hc since it's the only unit which has the stats to beat them).
How to avoid the 16 unit limit ? Very easily, by having 2 players per side.

The commander of the army will be one of the 2 players, while the other one will be general of the infantry.
So we have 2 players per army, one buys the horses and missile troops (and commands the whole army) only while the other player gets the infantry troops only. Their coordinated manouvering will lead to the compact and complete army...in other words, if u are the commander of the army, the "T" chat button will be your war fan signalling to your troops what to do. The infantry commander will carry away the orders and also have the initiative on HOW to carry the orders away while u lead the army and move the missile/cav troops in support.
There is no way to win without cooperation.

The troops allowed are these :

Player 1: HC, YC, CA, SA, AR, MU (up to 6 units)
Player 2: YA, NG, WM, ND. (up to 16 units)

As u can see, while the 3-1 ratio is easily compelled by player two (just remember that u can only have ONE monk unit and that the monk unit cannot be the taisho) player one will always have off ratio samurai units.

To make up for this, and therefore rebalance the game towards ashigaru, player 2 can only get TWO samurai hand to hand units. That will make up with player one who will most certainly have at least 3 samurai in his cav/missile 6 unit army.

The koku is used as usual, and the system will start testing with 3000k available for player 2 and 2000k for player 1.