View Full Version : No patch coming until mongol expansion release

01-26-2001, 10:57
Official sources have confirmed that the new patch will ONLY be released along with the new game/expansion.

ETA Spring 2001... that could perfectly be May/June 2001 if you are optimistic.

I knew it. This is way too much crap to handle. I will not be buying any mongol expansion for sure. See ya.


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The Daimyo
01-26-2001, 11:10
Metha, go check out the news at my site. Read man, read!!!!

It should help....

The Daimyo
Miaowara "Kakizaki" Tomokato
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01-26-2001, 20:53
and who are these 'official sources' and why are you starting a new thread? bah!

if you want 'official sources' then go read the news on the offical shogun site.


02-02-2001, 00:33
I just went to Planettotalwar and could not find anything that said the 1.13 patch would be released outside of the expansion pack. I really don't want the expansion pack, just a working STW product.

Could you be more specific as to where to look Diamyo?


Erado San
02-05-2001, 21:39
It's common knowledge, and has been confirmed by the developers, that apart from the expansion there will also be a 1.13 patch, which will have major improvements and will allow players without the expansion to play online with players who do have the expansion.

You'll be missing out on a lot though...