View Full Version : Dumb question about map pack

02-08-2001, 17:51
I downloaded, unzipped into Shogun folder, can't find nothing. Should I have put it in a specific directory? I haven't gotten the expansion yet, is that the problem? Thanks

02-10-2001, 01:26
the sequence for gettting and installing the patch is as follows:

1. download the 1.12 patch from www.totalwar.com (http://www.totalwar.com)

2. manually unzip the patch into a folder. it's NOT self-extracting like it used to say on totalwar

3. copy or cut and paste this folder into the base or root directory for shogun...NOT your root C: directory, but the root dir for shogun....you know, the first one you click on to get into shogun.

4. if the files are all there, in the download directory that you created, there should be a 'setup.exe' file. double click on that file and it will run and install the 1.12 patch. make sure that you are NOT running shogun itself at the time that you do this!

5. if this doesnt work you may have a corrupted download. just delete the download and the download dir you created and start over.

6. if it still doesnt work then you've done something wrong or got yet another corrupted download...start over.

7. if it still doesnt work.....learn to read and start over.

8. if it still doesnt work....seek counseling!


02-10-2001, 01:30
doh! i'm now applying step 7 to myself. you said mappack....d'oh!

the mappack is supposed to be self installing, but in case it's not, unzip it manually and put the maps and .tga pics in the shogun\battle\maps directory and all shld be fine.


02-10-2001, 05:31
Thanks K, for the advice and the laugh.