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02-23-2001, 05:05
Okay, this is an overlap thread with the General Discussion, and the Expansion Pack thread, but it's okay to talk about here, too, because it will soon be much easier for all of us to start tweaking our own scenarios!

it has been talked about in several places, from quick footnotes on the official page, to previews from places like PC Zone, and in some interviews as well. Here's what I've found out, and I hope others will add to or correct me as we go.

There will be a map editor. Featuring a graphic interface with buttons to raise/lower terrain, fill areas with water, drop in trees and buildings, etc. In fact, here's a (shrunken) screenshot from PC Zone's Preview:
The button on the top are for the different modifiers, like land level, water, trees, buildings, etc. Then buttons on the bottom are for the specifics - WHICH tree type do you want, which building type, which terrain style, etc. The tiny white text says:
So it will let you know if you're screwing up.

There will be a battle/scenario editor. I haven't uncovered too many facts about this, but we assume it will allow you to place starting armies, adjust for number/quality/type of units, set objectives, default weather, choose the battlefield and generally make the battle the way you want it. We DON'T have confirmation, so we may or may not have direct detail control on things like honor level, number of men per unit, those types of things. People found out how to set those in the original Shogun Battle Trainer Demo, and the rules may still apply, since they still have the .adf/.bdf files. We need more info.

There is a rumored (as far as I know, not yet confirmed!) campaign editor. This would allow people to string together several scenarios to construct mini-campaigns, or multi-battle wars, like a more in-depth Historical section. Again, the lack of facts is a bummer. We don't know if it will allow branching storylines, so the battles change on whether or not you won or lost the last fight. We certainly hope so, but don't place any bets yet.

Some people wanted a unit editor, but that seems unlikely, mainly due to the possibilities of online mokey business, as well as disrupting the unit balancing.

So that's what I know so far. Hopefully Richie or someone else Official will be able to confirm or correct me. Any opinions?

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02-23-2001, 16:30
Konnichiwa BanzaiZap san,

The Battle scenario editor. You said that people knew how to make battles for the demo.

Making historical battles is almost identical to making mods for the demo. You can edit the adf and bdf files by hand. Also you could edit the historical text. I've made a readup on how to make scenarios. I also made a historical battle: NagashimaDelta. I'm not quite sure whether all details are authentic. Axial san and Kasin san made some very good authentic battles: Sekigahara, Anegawa, Ishibashiyama.

You can edit a lot more than in the demo: weather, being attacker or defender.

You can find those historical battles Here (http://www.totalwar.org/maps)

or Here (http://www.takiyama.cjb.com/html/files.html)

I`am really looking forward to the "real" editors.

Ja mata
Toda MizuTosaInu

02-27-2001, 00:10
so will anyone be able to make entire different wars/soldier types bc we will have battle editor??? Greeks, Romans, etc?!

02-27-2001, 00:17
No, there has been no indication of a unit editor, either changing stats or graphics.

Some people have been making graphic mods on their own, but as far as I know, most of them have been stumped trying to crack into the .bif animation files. We hope people will post updates as they occur.

The battle editor may let you set things like starting armies and locations, but you are still playing with the Shogun and Mongol units.

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02-27-2001, 20:48
This editor sounds interesting.

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