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Zeek1 Akayama
03-10-2001, 16:03
I think the Shogun battle engine and strategy turn base concept would work well with other historical scenarios! As many have suggested before, we can have excellent games with historical scenarios like the rise of Rome, the Punic war, The Greeks Peloponnesian war, the Persian conquest of Asia minor and the Near East, Alexander the great conquest of the Persian empire, the Arab (Muslim conquest of North Africa, Asia and Spain), The Crusades, and as one poster eloquently suggested the Napoleonic conquest of Europe, or the Turkish conquest of the Balkans and the Near East, or the American civil war or the conquest of Russia and central Asia by the Russian imperial crown and on and on....!

The possibilities are endless and if the games are as well researched, balanced and illustrated like Shogun...The makers can make a fortune and set the stage for the next generation strategy/war game gaming...!

What do you think guys?

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03-11-2001, 04:23
The problem is they can't make a fortune doing it. Flood the market and everyone get's bored with the things, oh it's Total war 372: Outer Hebrides Bronze age

I agree with you these would all be great games, but econmically they have to produce stuff one at a time and make it something that a lot of people will really want. The only way to get these would be a mod pack that allows you to edit troops types and as it stands the troops themselves would take forever to draw, and the ability to change combat stats would wreck MP as people would end up cheating with it.

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03-14-2001, 02:22
i can almost agree with you except for one reason, catiline....civ II. that game had built in mods for unit strengths, eye candy and so on. it's turn based and multiplayer and is still selling fairly well and being played in its 3rd or 4th incarnation. no reason other games cant do this as well.

the way you do it is simple; whatever parameters the host of the game is using is what every else in the game is forced to use for that game and that game only. the eye candy is simply kept in a separate, editiable file folder and you could have multiple files there with other folk's renderings. at the time of the game the host simply sets those parameters in the game setup and voila. if you dont happen to have that set of pics then you'd simply use a default set or, if you wanted to really be fancy about it, that set of pics would be sent to your computer via the host at the time of the game launch. that's how railroad tycoon II did it with the maps. if a player didnt have that map it was simply sent to him at launch time. the same could be done with the unit pics and even the unit parameters. it takes a touch longer to launch, but saves a lot of time in the end.

all of this would also demand that the EA server interface be updated so that you could see what a given host had set up in his game, but that's relatively easy.

and, none of this actually promotes cheating. it just promotes variety and differnce of opionions. i've also heard the arguement that no one would ever play a multi game again if it was done this way, but yamaga and his variations on the program, along with various other games that do do this, say otherwise.

STW is ripe for mods. it's a perfect game for doing tons of period stuff and unit mods and so on. and who knows, perhaps the dev team is working towards this end. my guess is that if they are creative enuf to have made STW in the first place then surely they can also see the possibilities for mods, expansion packs and sequels. it's just a question of how open or closed they want to keep things. financially i dont see a problem regardless of which way they go, but i'll save that arguement for a later post http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif


03-14-2001, 23:03
So Kraellin, this is why you don't have the MagyarOsag ][ map. You're waiting for it to be sent to you. http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

There seems to be a few more people interested in playing by Yamaga's rules. It may be because it provides an alternative to the typical online game you get now. Since STW is already set up with one machine as the host, your suggestion that the host send out modified parameters would be doable without a major overhaul of the program.

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03-18-2001, 00:12
hehe...i think many of the mods we want would have been doable if they hadnt encrypted and compressed the files so heavily ;)


03-19-2001, 23:24
If any of us could figure out what system will open up (or recreate) the BIF files, we'd have several mods already! The rumor, last we heard it, was that Total War II was laready slotted to be Imperial Rome. We'll just have to hold our breaths.

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