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Magyar Khan
03-17-2001, 06:35
this week some sickness went into my head and i started to programm the online campaign myself, see the campaign site at www.totalwar.club.tip.nl (http://www.totalwar.club.tip.nl)

i have put a downloadable version (1.5mb) at the site under the campaigns page.... it is not a full version but u can see what will be in it, to scroll the map and to drag and drop the armies....

it is just the exe and data file in a zip, so some may not have all the necessarry vb dll's for it . for those i suggest to downlowad my logfilereader full install first. install this so u have all dll's voor vb programms.

the screenpics are some days old... better not llok at them anymore...

i would like to hear a reaction from u....

Magyar Khan
03-18-2001, 00:35
www.totalwar.club.tip.nl (http://www.totalwar.club.tip.nl) should work zen!

now i have been un-bugging all things
input and output is 100% failproof
mapmovement is ok now
reinforcementscreen is almost done
tech and spylevel increase decrease is ok

still thinking how to do the battlescreen so it has "future-value", i will add new pics tonight....

03-18-2001, 10:10
I have tried out your Log File Reader, it provides a nice overview I must say. Do only "Victorious" soldiers count towards "worth"?

Quote ... or whatever feel free to sign up![/QUOTE] me, me, me (over here), me me. Where do I sign up? http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif.

The campaign map interface is very pleasent, particulary visually and I also like that it so well figures out where I am dragging what.

Anssi Hakkinen said to you: Quote just don't you dare drop out of the official campaign because of this.[/QUOTE] heh, I think I know which one I am going to play http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif and it is probably not the one costing a small fortune.

B.t.w. If you die hard online gamers need someone to 'play' an incompetent Ronin province leader then ........ uhmm, I can easily 'pretend' to play poorly http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/tongue.gif

Magyar Khan
03-19-2001, 12:24
sadly i dont have the time to type a complete story, will do it later anyway

but for the smart, the quick and the addicted i programmed an online campaign which is ready for testing now. all explanation is done in the game itself.

use the programma and fight the battles online!

maybe some bugs appear, so please report them if found.

furtermore it is just the exe and dat file. some guys who dont ever installed vb programms might miss some dll's and the programm wont work. but they can and MUST download the the complete install of the logfilereader so all visual basic dll's are placed upon your pc.

so head on to www.totalwar.club.tip.nl (http://www.totalwar.club.tip.nl)

press left below button, to the campaign site. download is zipped and about 1 mb in size.

the logfilereader is available under the downloads button.


03-20-2001, 10:23

i found those maps i was looking for for you. i think one of them would be perfect for your expanded version of your online campaign. i tried to send them to you at the address you gave me but it sent the whole thing back saying something about it got tired of trying and gave up. tosa also said that you'd tried to mail me and couldnt get thru so my mail server might be screwed up....it often is. it's very laggy at times.

either get with tosa and i'll relay the stuff thru him or get my icq# from him and i'll send direct thru that.

this one map is a map of europe to japan showing the various mongol territories as they existed at a given time period. it was made in the 1800's some time. i think it might work well :)

the maps are mostly maps of japan as of more recent years, but showing this like administration areas and so on. and the last one is a gray scale map of europe-asia-middle east and australia. large.

anyways, get with tosa if need be and i'll try and catch you in the chat to verify i'm sending to the right address and i'll get these to you somehow.