View Full Version : Saved Game?

04-06-2001, 22:15
Hiya everyone!

After a long break from STW, I came back to playing it again recently... and been feeling like really exploiting single player, like starting with all legendary buildings and such. Anyway, I've been fiddling around with savegame files and been modifying them successfully. But the thing is, I find that memory address storing info "shifts" around, a lot of info is not always stored at same memory address.

Anyone come across a savegame editor for v1.12? or Anyone know the actual savegame format?? I'm guessing offset is dynamically set everytime it writes a savegame file... (but that doesn't explain the constant savegame file size).

Another thing is, does Medical School do anything? I believe it's one of those things that were taken out of final game (unless my copy is screwed lol). But if the code is still there, then it might effect combat units.

Any info will be appreciated!