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04-23-2001, 01:05
what map pack do i need for all the new maps?
if i download the newest version does it give me the maps from the earlier ones??


04-23-2001, 01:24
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04-23-2001, 03:08
The best thing to do is go here:

And get every single map there is.....they are all there..from our great tosa inu.


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The Daimyo
04-23-2001, 11:12
Get the big one, the STW MapPack 1.2 w/ All Maps - this will bring you current. Then you can download and install all of the individual maps made after that one was made, or you can wait till next weekend and then there will be an updated map pack that will have all of the maps made up to that day in it. Which is a lot easier to do, IMHO.

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