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04-25-2001, 02:45
TosaInu, Kraellin, anyone:

I've come across a problem when changing textures. I'm flicking through different textures when suddenly the tile i'm on will disappear. Now if I immediately flick back to the previous texture it will reappear and everything will be OK. However if i'm going too fast and click forward again after it has disappeared then it will be gone for good. I end up with a hole in the map and no way of changing it as I can't select that tile any more. If I reload the map that tile will still be gone. Has anyone else hit this problem and is there any way of recovering the tile.


04-25-2001, 06:57
Quick clarification here. This isn't texture 0 i'm talking about. That's fine as long as you don't select it. This one is a much higher number and seems to select itself when you go past it. Using shift click I can replace it, but only if I remove another texture so I can reach the right place on the underlying sea-level (not much use really).

04-25-2001, 10:28

i'm not exactly sure what you mean, but it sounds like yer in the higher band of textures. there are 2 sets of textures. one is 1 - 127 and the other is 1 - 127. yep. both the same numbers. when you first call up the editor with the j key you get the first set. that's the set that works. if you keep advancing the textures and go over 127 you'll hit the 2nd set. they are also numbered the same way. if you keep going through those you'll come back to the first set again. it's a loop, all the way through both sets. you can also go either way, either advancing the texture numbers or lowering them.

the 2nd set of textures does pretty much what you said you were having problems with. you set a texture and cant change it back, even with reloading the thing. and they pretty much all look the same...like water or sky set into the ground. if you roll up past # 127 sometime you'll see what i mean.

if that's not it then i'm not sure what you've found. read my notes in this forum (demo editor, not rob's editor) it has a lot of shortcuts and tricks in it. also read tosa's docs. they can be found on the org or at www.takiyama.cjb.com (http://www.takiyama.cjb.com) in the file's section. we've both been playing with this thing for a while and uncovered quite a bit of stuff about how to use it.

hopefully, we can all just toss this stuff in the trash when the new editor comes out...particularly if they'd let tosa and i beta test it :)


04-25-2001, 14:25
Sorry K I didn't explain that very well. Imagine you scrolled to texture 0, this removes the tile completely and leaves a hole in the map. This is fine as long as you don't select texture 0 by clicking on another tile. On this one however when I scrolled to the next texture ie. up 1 it automatically selected the blank tile and permanently placed a hole in the map.

I think you are probably right. I must have drifted into the second 127 textures. I'll go back into that map and see if I can find where that texture is.

If it becomes too easy though there may be so many maps about that people will never have all the ones others use online.


04-26-2001, 03:04
yeah, i already said that when the new editor comes out i'm gonna be lost...it'll be too easy http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif