View Full Version : Windows XP Beta - No go yet...

04-26-2001, 06:32
I've been running Shogun succesfully on both win98/me & Win2k systems. I just got my XP beta in the mail today. And well, no go. I have a Geforce 2gts 32mb by leadtek and upgraded to or downgraded to 10.40 (10.00 came with XP and said 3/2001). Neither work, though I doubt its a video issue. The game just dosn't start up period. I tried the CPU priority and that didnt work either. I'll keep testing.

Otherwise XP looks to have better network control for my DSL connection through Earthlink's "Mindf**k" over WinMe.

Ja ne


04-27-2001, 02:03
ok, i'll bite, what the heck is XP beta?


05-02-2001, 00:12
does the monitor flicker and than return to the desktop? if this is the case it IS a video issure and is caused by video drivers. Its happened to me it just depends on which drivers you are using. I dont' have the same card as yo but I have an NVIDIA.

05-02-2001, 04:03
I am runningon Windows XP beta just in case you didn't now. When I do a fresh install f Shogun, the game starts up fine, no problemo. Yet when I updated to 1.12, the game does not even start. I double click on the Icon and nothing happens.

If you are running on Win XP, and are using 1.12 of shogun succesfully tell your exact specs for your computer and driver for your video card.