View Full Version : Yelling army sound here!

High Voltage
05-07-2001, 11:34
Ok I've taken some charge sounds from the game Gettysburg and edited them, so now it sounds pretty cool. I replaced the charge horn effect, so instead of covering the marching, the yelling covers the horn. I'll try it out by replacing the larg army marching too, but this sounds sweet for now.

Here's my ICQ number(since my emails not working right now), just send me a msg if I happen to be online, and I'll send u the file with instructions. Just request an add to contact list if I'm offline.

Tell me what ya think.

icq#: 77625416

High Voltage
05-08-2001, 12:18
After testing, and changing the wavs in wav studio, I think the best spot for the charging sound is to cover the charge horn sound. If I get better charging or yelling sounds it might work better to covering the large army running. Right now, the unit yells, then contacts the enemy, so the yelling stops about when they collide. But if the enemy is running away the sound stops before they collide, which I'll try to fix.

I'll make a website this week and post it with instructions. Please tell me what u think when u get it.