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05-12-2001, 18:08
how do i convert a .tga to something more friendly...it doesnt seem to wanna open with anything but the tga viewer and id like to do some editing.

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05-12-2001, 21:06

Do have any other graphics or imaging programs?

Personally have: Microsoft Photo Editor (think it came with computer), this will even open up .tga's as is.

If so you should be able to save the .tga's as .bmp or .jpg under your "save as" file type options.

This also cuts the file size from something like 5 MEG to 100-150K. Am still converting some of mine: had 1 Gig of .tga's because of the file size http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/redface.gif.

BTW: The snap shots make great epic painting desktops.

05-13-2001, 00:18

get paint shop pro (psp), ver. 4.12 (i think that's the one). it's shareware without the time limit on it. most of the later versions have the time trial thing.

psp allows you to view .tga's, edit, resize, save as, convert them to other formats and do all the other things you can do with diff file formats.

4.12 can be a bit tough to find these days, so if someone knows where to get it, plz, post it here.

you can also buy the current full blown version, which i think is up to about ver 7 now, for about $80.00 u.s. you can prolly find it cheaper than that online. it's been around for a while and is a pretty good paint program.


05-13-2001, 22:22
I got the address. There is a link to an FTP site around the middle of the page to download Paint Shop Pro version 4.12

The address is: http://www.dgl.com/dglinfo/1997/dg970111.html