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The purpose of this thread is to hold information about the Burgundian faction.

Dukes of Burgundy

1315 1349 Eudes IV
1349 1361 Philip I of Rouvre
1364 - 1404 Philip the Bold
1404 - 1419 John the Fearless
1419 - 1467 Philip the Good
1467 - 1477 Charles the Bold



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Faction text

Burgundian power has grown almost unchecked, The western is held by the magnificent dukes as a fief of the French King. The eastern county as an fief of the Holy Roman Emperor.
Burgundy is rich from the export of its native wines and its troops are second to none,

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Army Organization

It is wrong to imagine a single Burgundian army. The state of Burgundy was not only surrounded by potential aggressive neighbours, but was split in four geographically, from east to west by the Duchy of Lorraine, and from north to south by the frontier between France and the Empire. For although the duke longed to wear a regal crown, they- in theory at least- owed allegiance to the king of France for their lands to the west of the frontier, and to the Emperor for all that lay to the east.

These rifts in the Burgundian state, together with the Valois dukes aggressive political ambitions necessitated from early times, not only a main army, but one or more secondary armies, not to mention the maintenance of more or less substantial garrisons in towns and fortresses.

Until 1471, Burgundian armies were recruited from four source: nobles and their numerous followers; the ducal guard (household troops); town militia; and foreign mercenaries. These were divided into:
-1 Heavy cavalry, consisting of armoured men-at-arms, mostly nobles, forming the nucleus of teh army.
-2 Light cavalry, drawn from the followers that most men-at-arms were required to bring with them: mounted archers, crossbowmen, and swordmen, whos task was to haras the enemy before teh main engagement, and to support the men-at-arms.
-3 Infantry, which formed but a small proporation of teh army, and consisted of pikemen, archers and crossbowmen. It should however be noted that what we call 'cavalry' usually dismounted to fight, and most battles in this period were ultimately battles of infantry.

Right up to the middle of Charles the Bolds reign, when the first permanent armies were appearing, the dukes of Burgundy relied on feudal levies for their military force.

The nucleas of the army was the man-at-arms. Apart from the major aristocracy such as dukes, counts and barons, teh men-at-arms consistd of
-1 Chevaliers bannerets: Powerful and rich nobles who had the right to raise a banner
-2 Chevaliers bacheliers: members of the lesser aristocracy
-3 Ecuyers (squires): minor aristocrats who were affluent enough to provide themselves with the necessary accoutrements: armour, horses, archers and valets. Throughout the whole period of the Valious dukes the majority of men-at-arms came from the two burgundys, and a lesser extent the province of Artois.

Potential Unit

Chevaliers bannerets - (Heavy Cavalry) Elite Burgundian knights , They and thier horses are well protected by plate mail and barding, their lances give them an advantage in teh charge and they are trained to fight from childhood. Only availalbe from the two burgundys
Chevaliers bacheliers - (Medium Cavalry) Experienced knights who hold land in return for militiary service, not as powerful or rich as bannerets. They are adapt at charging down opponents with their lances, and they are honourable and brave to the point of recklessness
Ecuyers - (Medium Cavalry) minor aristocrats who were affluent enough to provide themselves with the equipment. There armour and weapons are second class, but there advantage are they are large in number.
LowCountry Pikemen - (Flanders, Holland and Zeeland) Renowned pikemen who are very effective against cavalry. Pikemen need proper training before they can act as a unit. Unlike other troops, the first four ranks of pike can fight against an enemy, presenting a wall of gleaming spear points to anyone foolish enough to charge them
Gendarmes (French, Burgundy, Brittany)Gendarmes are high-quality militia cavalry, raised in the growing towns. They often have superb equipment and, unlike most part-time soldiers, are rather disciplined. The Gendarmes lack the dashing bravery and valour of knights. Wealthy French provinces can excel at producing Gendarmes, thanks to their growing regional pride.
Pikemen (common unit)
coustiller (common swordsman)
Crossbowmen (common unit)
handgunners (common unit)
Mounted crossbowmen (common unit)
Village levy

The burgundians would also take advantage of mercenary units, especially english longbows and Italian units, crossbows, knights, archers....

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