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07-14-2001, 05:45
Hey guys,

Just wish to inform you that T_Kaigan-zoi no by Tosa Inu is the coolest map ever!

It has water, great landscapes!, a small bridge and little island for mainly decoration and lots of cool textures.

Boys and girls, if you don't download this map its a real pity.

It is really great. http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

My compliments Tosa!


My favourite map (not including personal made or designed maps http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/biggrin.gif) is Tami Kochi which just got superbly tweaked and improved in Tami Kochi ][

You can't miss that, neither!

The other 2 maps are great too!

P.S. 2 http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/tongue.gif

Still waiting for the flying horses Kraellin. http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif


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07-14-2001, 07:38
yeah, doesnt look like i'm going to make it for the new map pack, tera. the maps are essentially done except for the .tga's and zipping, but i cant get shogun to work right at the moment. the computer is on the fritz and i've spent the last week trying to get it straightened out. pain in the bloody arse.

i think the due date for the new pack was today too...can you say friday the 13th?


07-23-2001, 23:42
Have to agree. Very interesting "coastline" map. Compliments to Tosa, must have taken some time to get this one made - many thanks.

Dumb question for anyone: why am I getting the "tarmac heliopad with an white X in it" several places, on this one when this map (and others) when they run with snow on the ground - unavoidable?

07-24-2001, 01:16

from what tosa told me, he's using some of what we call the 'unsupported' textures in that map. all that means is that the demo game textures and the full game textures dont all match up. most do, but a few dont. apparently when they made the full game they changed a few of the textures a bit from the original demo game and this is what causes some errant displays in the full game, as far as i know anyways.

the only way to fix this would be to use different textures in the editor and then the map would have to look different than it does now in the full game. in my terauppa map i had a couple of these in there but they werent really critical to the overall look of the map. not sure tosa could do that on his map cause, though, cause he's using a fair number of those unsupported textures in critical places.


07-24-2001, 04:17

Thanks for the info. Makes one really drool for the new editor coming - will be interesting to see what people come up with.

I notice it seems the "heliopad effect" mostly just show's up in snow, otherwise they show up green. (Like making screenshots of winter ones for desktops).

07-24-2001, 10:50
yup. that one only shows in winter.

and cool idea making desktop stuff out of screenshots :) i like it.


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