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07-24-2001, 00:25
will the new mongols expansion allow for mods that the earlier game did not (are they sharing code etc?) i don't mean making another map! i mean a new war like crusaders, etc
why can't they let us do this? combat mission mods are incredible and keep excitement in the community!

07-24-2001, 01:23
from what little i know of the expack, it's not going to be a stand-alone program. it will rely on the main game to use it. thus, the difficulties with modifying the expack are going to be pretty much what they are with the current game...i think. there is the possibility that the expack will have a file for the new units that might be more susceptible to editing, but we really just dont know yet.

and, for some reason, this game just hasnt attracted the high level mod guys that i've seen in other games. no one seems real anxious to try to tear into this code and make unit type mods, or perhaps it's just a more difficult code structure and some have tried but given up.

the game itself certainly seems like it would be a prime target for mods. there are lots of interesting things that could be done if someone were bright enough, had enough time and were willing to try and tackle this code, but so far it's been pretty much a no-go on core mods.


07-24-2001, 20:08
it's totally discouraging to me! this is the one war game that I love but am bored until it expands to new cultures and wars why won't they give us the code? why isn't any other company making similar wargames with diff themes? the recent waterloo game was terrible, very bad graphics outdated--and it was by a large company that could have developed a shogun style battle for napoleon
if companies aren't making these games only mods can do it!
how long until TOtal war Romans?

07-26-2001, 02:32
I wonder if Target reads this forum? If so;

Hey Target!!! Any ideas about BIF'ing??? If you're not allowed to tell us, then we won't blame you, but we REALLY want to play!

-- B)