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MagyarKhans Cham
08-12-2001, 19:14
i was wondering on what definition u can create an impassible way, is it just the steepness of an slope? i already figured out it is not caused by a certain texture

i noticed water is buggy

yours apprentice mapmaker maggy

08-12-2001, 23:33

I guess it works the same way as in the demo-editor. Go to the mapssection at this site and download the mapfaq (tools section). This faq is written for the demo, but info should be usefull here too.

Nogo zones depend on both the steepness and textures. Textures 55,56 17,18,19 and 20 gives nogo zones to name a few.

Water: there can be only one 'river' and it must run east-west in one piece. That was the case in the demo editor and it seems the AI still hates water in the xpack.

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08-13-2001, 04:56

what tosa said is right. it takes slope and texture to make impassables. i dont know the exact grade where it says yes, this will be impassable and this not. you'll just have to play with it. it's also a difficult thing to tweak at times cause you have to keep adjusting the height of the land and sometimes the textures to alter the impassable areas and this is a clumsy way to have to do this.

actually, water can be a river OR a coast now. the rules for water are pretty simple. a river must run east to west all the way across the map and not twist back on itself. the ends of the river shldnt be too close to a corner (we're not sure what 'too close' is, but i always make it 2 tiles away). coasts shld extend across a whole side of the map or more, but not interfere with starting positions. be careful with that last one, as some game styles now make use of reinforcements and water in too many places might prevent units from coming on the map at all. no isolated ponds. 3 bridges max and they cant be turned. in stw, they had to face north/south..i havent actually tried in xpack yet, but i'm guessing it's the same. if you have a river, you must have at least one bridge across it. there are almost no exceptions to these rules. they are very strict. and always bear in mind where the spawn locations are. we'd hate to see yer mongols drowned before they even start.

there is a readme file with the xpack that explains impassables and water rules a bit. it also explains some things about castles and enclosures. you shld note here that not all enclosures are castles now. this is new to the xpack and is a very nice feature.

i noticed in one of the ca-made maps that they put a wall all the way across a map...sorta like the great wall of china with a few places to get thru it. there are some nice new tricks we can do with all this and i've already made my first made using some of them. fun stuff.


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MagyarKhans Cham
08-13-2001, 05:36
thanx guys

my khan is planning a very fair map for japanese and mongol units and ofcourse on teh 30 by 30 level

08-13-2001, 07:03
Magy should stop by my clans website and take a look at the map i made http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/tongue.gif tell me whats you think

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