View Full Version : Khan7\'s Archive on STW Modification 1.0 Released!

08-23-2001, 08:37
Alright, here's the deal: I'm realllllly worn out from about 12 nearly uninterrupted hours in front of a computer screen doing mad research and compiling information. So I shall not talk much now.

I have just completed a comprehensive research of all of the modification possibilities for STW. You can make your own campaigns, twist around the units any way you want to, twist around the projectile stats any way you want to, and a whole load of fun stuff like that. In my research I think I have found the cause of the much vaunted "morale issue", in the form of a unit attribute-- "unroutable", that all of the non-Ashigaru Japanese units have. If I'm right, this could be turned off and people who like the old way could play that way, maybe even online!

This also opens the floodgate to anyone who would want to create great mods for this great game. I plan on working on an American Civil War mod, which I could hopefully release a preliminary version of within a week, complete with a Campaign and everything. If my feelings and hopes are correct, it would be possible for such mods to be played online, also.

Anyway, if you would like to have the research I have done, essentially a guide to Modding this game, I can e-mail it to you, contact me at gengiskan0@cs.com . Believe me, I have no knowledge of or desire to use viruses, so you can trust me. I would hope that in some time totalwar.org would consider offering my archive for download, but until then I'll happily mail it off to anyone who asks.

So, hear ye hear ye! Khan7's Archive on STW Modification 1.0 is hereby released!

I hope to do expand and refine it quite a bit, as I and the resourceful members of the online community learn more. But in its current form the archive can be considererd a VERY useful tool designed to teach you how to make the modifications and make those modifications easier.

Modification though, even with this archive, though not particularly difficult or tedious, is still SOMEWHAT tedious. In the future I would hope that some STW fan with a basic knowledge of programming could make a program to make this all easier.

I realize that the buzz on this has been going around for quite some time, but I am 99% sure that this is the first comprehensive analysis, database, and guide on STW Modding.

So anyway, I've rambled on enough, I must now go crash. Will be waiting for your e-mails so you can get my archive. OOOOoooh so tiiired and wwaaaaaaastedfeeling...


08-23-2001, 11:48
Just a quick question. When you play online where are the unit stats for each side taken from?

If they are always taken from the server/host then fine but, if the unit stats for each side are read from the players individual machines wouldn't this create an avenue for cheaters? They could just edit their units to make themselves stonger.

08-23-2001, 11:52
Since I made a thread in General Discussion and then made one here, and then my GD thread got moved here, there are two threads on the same topic, anyway, please people post in the topic from GD, it has more posts at this point than the other one so its easiest to do it that way.