View Full Version : Descriptons Of Mods!!!

Total War Merc
06-14-2005, 21:12
There are a ton of mods on the org website, but since i am a wimp i want to know what the mod does before i download them.

Can anyone give me descriptions of what the mods on this website do?
PLZ!!! :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:

The Blind King of Bohemia
06-14-2005, 21:21
Do you have any in mind you want to try out? There are alot of mods but if you give your preferences i'm sure I can point you in the right direction with some info

Total War Merc
06-14-2005, 21:58

theres no persific mod i want, i need a mod that is compatiable with the xl mod and i want something that adds things on like an extra faction or something. You know any?

The Blind King of Bohemia
06-14-2005, 22:07
Mods will very rarely be compatible with each other. I doubt any mod would do that for XL. The main mods can be found in the Engineers Guild or may, like the Hellenic mod, have their own forum. You will most likely have to install another Medieval to play different mods.

Total War Merc
06-14-2005, 22:13
Awww i like the xl mod, anyways thanks ~:cheers: ~:cheers: