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08-25-2001, 05:31
------------------READme for Khan7's Archive on STW Modification 1.0

So, here you have it! The following is information on the most useful and powerful ways to alter Shogun - Total War. With this guide you will be able to:

-Make your own campaigns, the only limitation being that you must make them on the current map as it is
-Alter any of the existing units to be anything and have any properties you can dream up, and give it whatever combat sounds you like, the only limitation being that you cannot make your own graphics
-Gain a better understanding of the STW engine and workings in general

The following is a list of important files that you will learn to use, and the files in this archive that will show you how:

totalwar/anti_units.txt (The AntiUnit Table.txt)
totalwar/projectiles.txt (Projectiles Table.txt)
totalwar/troopstats.txt (TroopStats Table.txt)
totalwar/campmap/startpos/[campaign starting position files] (Guide for Campaign Startpos Files.txt)

The following is a list of possibly useful files that you should be aware of but are NOT supported by the current archive.


Also be aware that you can change out any of the .wav files in totalwar/sounds. Not sure how this would work out, but I'm sure its possible. If you choose to mess with this, proceed with caution. This is also, incidentally, where the music for the game is.

anit_units.txt deals with unit type matchups and the like.

troopstats.txt deals with various stats of the various unit types.

projectiles.txt deals with the various stats of the various projectile weapons.

In the Startpos directory, any .txt file you put there will be counted as a Full Campaign game template. You can, as far as I can forsee, put as many different campaigns here as you like.

building_choice.txt, major_invasion_thresholds.txt, opp_invasion_thresholds.txt, and Unit_Choice.txt all deal with the behavior of the various AI Daimyo personalities. It would not have been hard to do explanations of one or two of these files, but I feel it is best to deal with this issue as a whole, and that would take quite a bit of work, so I'm saving it for a future version of the archive.

If you feel like messing around with the AI's performance in battle, check out the .txt's in totalwar/AIData. This will allow you, if you can figure it out, to alter the formations the AI uses (and also the formations that you have the option of putting your army into when attacking in the SP campaign. I however would rate the usefulness of this as somewhat low, the difficulty as very high. If you, however, see some great use in this and want to figure out how it all works, feel free to let us know once you've got it figured.

There's also a lot of stuff floating around in the totalwar/loc directory, such as pretty much all of the text in the entire game, that could be messed with. You would probably be able to do things like make it say "Running like little whipped dogs" instead of the standard "Running Away", or "Whuppin' up" instead of "Winning Easily", and ALL sorts of fun stuff like that, but as I have not myself yet explored these tantalizing possibilities, this archive does not officially support this. Feel free to investigate, but proceed with caution.

So all right! You've been briefed! You're ready to turn STW upside down! Just remember these few things..

-Before altering ANY files, back them up securely, this will save a tedious reinstall if you goof up or just want to go back to the regular game.

-If you gain any knowledge beyond what is shown in this archive, find anything incorrect about the info given in the archive, or in general find any way to improve upon or expand this great work for the benefit of all STWdom, please! Either contact me through e-mail at gengiskan0@cs.com or post it up for all on the totalwar.org forums. We will all be very grateful!

08-26-2001, 05:25

changing what the game says is was possible in 'classic' STW too, nice fun stuff...Changing sounds also works (sometimes) but beware half the sounds arn't used often and a lot more than one is used at the same time - so to change the feel, more or less the 'whole lot' have got to go...not seeing it happen as far as i'm concerned http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif

08-26-2001, 11:19
The AIData files were also .txt files in te original STW. There are some great formation in there, for example the "Bridge assault column", and several "Bridge defense formations".
Imagine how much time you could spare in SP if you had this formations available, especially whe the AI attacks your river province time after time and you have to manually set up your defense line. This could be automated.

Just reading the files is interesting enough

08-26-2001, 21:51
IIRC a lot of those files have notes saying not to let the AI use them, either because their foolish or because it isn't bright enough to handle them properly.

as to the sounds the best change to make is to get the doppler arrow effect from the demo and add it to the real game, you need to do a bit of fiddling with a txt file I htink but it's a really good improvement, god knows why they changed it.

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