View Full Version : i need help.

08-27-2001, 23:12
My Game Didn't Come With A Serial. And i Need One. Does Anyone Know How To Get One. I looked everywhere on the manuals on the boxes on the cds everywhere. It's not there.

08-27-2001, 23:20
If you bought a pirate copy or made it yourself, it's obvious that you don't have a serial number/cd-key.

Since no-one will ever tell you their cd-key and warez-related rip-off sites are against our policy, I will close this thread.

If you bought an original copy but you really didn't find a cd-key, contact your vendor and speak to him there.


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08-27-2001, 23:24
ok thanks but i did buy a real copy. its from electronics boutique in the great lakes mall. i bought it used though so that might have been the problem. what is warez. what do you mean against your policy i don't know what warez means?