View Full Version : Khan7\'s Archive on STW Modification v1.1 Released!

08-28-2001, 07:56
Well, it's here, and better than ever! Not only does it provide all of the useful tools an tutorials in the original that allow any average Joe (or whizkid) to pick it up and modify STW in any way they want to after just a bit of reading, it is now somewhat expanded, with more accurate and plentiful information! This is truly the archive to have if you want to modify unit stats, sounds, make your own campaigns, or whatever, whether a newb or a vet who's just looking to catch up!

I am fairly confident that this may be posted for download on the Org, but until such a point, just e-mail me at gengiskan0@cs.com for your free copy.

Also check out my American Civil War Mod, covered in a different thread!