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08-28-2001, 17:04
Right ive add on pack for STW so now have Mongol Invasion,ok so my question is can u use the maps made by ur kindselves in this?ive noticed that some say Mongol Edition Only does this mean i cant use them because i bought the add on pack? http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif
i downloaded the WLE green map from PlanetTWar but noticed others.So can i download all these 2?plzs help http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif

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08-28-2001, 19:33

you can use all maps from stw in the add-on. you cant use add-on maps in stw.

one small thing though, in the add-on they revised a lot of the stw maps and named them the same as the names used in stw. so, a revised Aki map is still named Aki in the add-on, but it's not really the exact same map any more. that means that if you copy the stw Aki map to the maps folder for the add-on and overwrite the Aki add-on map, you wont be using the same map as others. thus, if you hosted a game in multi in the add-on server, others couldnt join your game cause they wouldnt have your map. that make sense so far?

the thing to do is copy all of your custom maps from stw over to add-on maps directory, but leave the original stw maps in the stw folder and use the add-on maps with the same name, for add-on games.

it's a bit confusing, and i've already seen one person trying to host a game on the 4th Kawa map on the add-on server that was using the old stw 4th Kawa map and whereas it is a a valid map, everyone else is using the updated 4th Kawa that came with the xpack.

just remember, just because a map has a particular name doesnt mean it's the same map. your map, as a host, must match up perfectly with whomever is trying to join your game, or they cant join it.

so copy your stw custom maps over to xpack, but leave the original stw maps where they are and dont overwrite the xpack maps that have the same name as the originals.


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08-28-2001, 23:45
Kraellin, thxs but i noticed in PlanttWar there where some new maps been made.Sorry 2 sound stupid but in the files it said Mongol Warlord Edition Only so does this mean i can use them in x-pack? http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gifAlso i loaded the 1.11version of maps 2 MI has this messed things up?

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08-29-2001, 02:42

it does get a bit confusing. MI, mongol invasion, and WE, warlord edition, are essentially the same thing but MI overwrites the original game, for those that already have stw, and WE is stw plus MI combined in one package for those that dont have the original game, so MI and WE are really the same thing, but just installed to different things. words like 'xpack, x-pack, xp, add-on' all mean the same thing, either MI or WE, since those two are essentially the same thing. so, adding warlord edition maps to mongols invasion is really the same thing, since we and mi are really the same final game.

confused still? there's really only two games, the original and the add-on. the add-on (or xpack) comes in two flavors, one if you already owned the original and one if you didnt. they both end up as the same game, one is just converting the original to the new, the other just installs the whole thing to the new. but both end up as the new.

and any 'new' map made with the new editor works with WE or MI. but any 'new' map made with the new editor wont work in stw, which is the original game.

want to hear it in a different way or is that sufficient? :)

hope that clears that up for ya.


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08-29-2001, 02:59
Yeh that great! http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gifwoooooooooo did u take a breath typeing that out?hehe
Thxs again M8