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08-28-2001, 03:19
I've been trying to make some castle maps, but i can't seem to due to some usable texture issue. If I put a castle, wall, and tower, it says that there are way too many textures. I'm not sure how to get around this, as I think I should be able to place a castle with out running out of texture space. HELP!!!

08-28-2001, 16:04

Every buildingtype has it's own textures. You can for example add 50 identical houses to your map, but not 1 model of 30 different ones. If you reach the texturelimit, delete a (some) modeltype.

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08-28-2001, 19:54

what tosa said is correct.

you shld also be aware that there are 4 different types of castle walls and 4 different types of 'gates' (cent_open1, 2, 3, 4). make sure yer using the same type wall all the way around your enclosure and the same type of gate.

each new model you add to your map requires model textures to support it. thus, each new type of model eats more texture memory. like tosa said, you can add 10 shrines and it's the same as adding just 1 shrine, as far as texture memory is concerned, because the textures have already been loaded in memory, but adding a NEW model requires adding NEW textures to vid memory to support this new model. so, try and use the same model type rather than adding new models.

you shld be able to make your castle using one wall type, one gate type, one castle keep type and one tower type and not max out on textures...i think. i do know that each model type uses different amounts of texture memory and that the 'tower' model is a real hog about this, using almost 40% of the texture memory all by itself. if you just cant squeeze all 4 models into your map, try not using the tower and you shld be fine re texture memory.

if you cant use the tower, make sure your walls overlap at the corners per the readme file, or it can leave a gap in your wall where men can squeeze through.

i'm not exactly sure how the editor is managing texture limits. it may be that on vid cards with less ram the editor sees this and disallows as many textures, or it may be that they just set an arbitrary limit within the editor code to say that texture limits have been reached based on some amount of texture memory size. i'm not sure. i do know that you can save a map that is over the limit and reload it. it will still show you yer over the max allowed when you reload, but at least you can save it and reload it. you may also even be able to play it on some machines and not on other machines with low texture memory. again, not sure.

just out of curiosity, how much ram do you have on your vid card?


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08-29-2001, 02:31
I'm not sure. I have a 3D AGP graphics card.

08-29-2001, 14:48
well, ok. i just ask cause i'm sort of curious just how they're handling minimums and maximums on the texture limits in the editor, but if ya dont know, no biggie. thanks :)

did ya get your map to work now? the castle?


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