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Otokomi Innue
08-30-2001, 14:38
Sorry...I should have posted this here first. This idea was first posted in General Discussion here: http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/Forum1/HTML/002041.html

In my mind, there should be a little more player control in the deployment of reinforcements. I highly doubt that Daimyo would allow random utilization of such strategic assets.
With the implementation of the new "swap out" button (found on the top right during the deployment phase of combat), it wouldn't be a stretch to have a similar button become active when a unit diengages and leaves the field.

For example, if I order my spent archers to withdraw to make room for fresh units, and in battle I am in desperate need of some more archers, I should be able to choose archers from my reserves instead of the YA I don't need. Also, why not have the opportunity to deploy them (choose the point of entry) in areas under my control or my side, for ease.

The AI would have to use smarter reinforcement, too. I think of Hach's complaint about enemy reinforcements showing up on his side of the bridge. I've seen that, too.

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