View Full Version : Routing and Morale

Otokomi Innue
08-30-2001, 15:02
If all of us in this forum were unfortunate YA getting ready to bolt in the face of charging Mongol HC, I think every single one of us would run straight into the highest concentration of friendly forces.

Conversely, would any of you follow me if I screamed in viceral terror, "nuts to this, let's get out of here and run over there toward that horde of KG and Skirmishers."

I doubt it.

It would be more realistic if wobbley kneed conscripts ran toward the friendly fold instead of toward the enemy.

It would also work well in terms of morale. I often send troops to help units that are waivering. If they rout toward the rescuing troops, they may be more easily rallied. It wouldn't matter if the morale were more delicate like the old STW, if numbers and strategy could keep the unwilling in line.

I think this kind of modification would add a little depth.