View Full Version : How to make the SP campaigns more CHALLENGING?

08-30-2001, 20:31
It would be nice to see the game made a little more difficult...the Expert setting should really be the equivalent of the Normal setting!

However, the horde was and is not the solution...

As far as i can see it, the only solution can be to make the AI troops have weapon/armour/honour upgrades more than they currently are on Hard/Expert?!

In fact, what are the bonuses the AI gets from Hard and Expert levels??

One way we could do this ourselves is to modify what honour level the buildings/units other clans start with...but this would require modifying each time you started with a different clan - A bit tiresome...?!

Any other thoughts on how to make the game more challenging ourselves whilst we wait for developer feedback...??

Some of the people more experienced with playing around with the .txt files could enlighten us!


Magyar Khan
08-30-2001, 21:20
i have a troopstat editor, ready for release