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Nagano Toma
08-31-2001, 01:25
So am I right in assuming that custom battles, The mongol campaign, and online games all give units a 12 point morale bonus (meaning the "honor" level in the troopstats)

But that the other campaigns are using the same old morale from STW?

08-31-2001, 01:31
I am a Great One! "-yes" I don't know if my answer is right or wrong but I felt compelled to answer it nevertheless, seeing how Ii am a "Great One" and all..

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08-31-2001, 01:43
I'm certain now that the multiplayer (internet and LAN) and custom battle are getting a morale boost. Whitey and I are in agreement that's it's 12 points. I don't know what the single player campaigns are getting if anything, but I just thought of a way to measure it in the campaigns (Sengoku, Mongol and Historical). I'll post back here after I've done the measurement.

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Nagano Toma
08-31-2001, 02:07
My test was short and unscientific I subtracted 12 from everyone's morale in the troop stats. I then played a Sengoku Jidai campaign. Everyone was running like rabbits! Most units wouldn't even engage as soon as they were charged they headed for the hills. I then modeled these battles exactly in custom battles, same unit mix and province etc. In the SP game units were already "uncertain" as soon as the battle started. But in the custom play they were "steady" The custom battles played out pretty normal.

So it would appear the bonus is not applied to the SP campaigns (not sure about the mongol campaign) But I have no hard data. I am looking forward to Puzz's results