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09-01-2001, 16:29
Does anyone know to include map information so when someone joins a game they will be able to see details of the map they are joining?

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09-01-2001, 16:43
Konnichiwa Jodmeister san,

In the mapssection you'll find a Guideline, that explains a few things. http://www.totalwar.org/maps

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09-01-2001, 20:19
hi jod,

unfortunately, CA didnt make any sort of appended .txt file that goes with each map or incorporate a map descrip portion as part of the file format for maps. instead they put ALL map descriptions in one file which is later read by the program when you load your map in to play it.

that means that someone has to update this main text file every once in a while and that all players would have to download this updated file and swap it with the current one for everyone to be able to see all the text descriptions of new custom maps.

and like tosa said, see the guideline he posted on the .org for how we can make this easier.


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