View Full Version : Starting Deploy Position in the Custom Maps

Celtiberos Shimazu
09-03-2001, 09:42
I am designing a Custom Map, with the WE map editor.
I had made a Big Size Map. The problem is that the troops, always starts at the center area, with the armies too closer (the rest of the map then, is wasted).
¿Someone could say me how I could, disperse the units for the deploy?

09-03-2001, 22:24

on basic maps with no castles or anything, you cannot change the starting postions at all. well, unless you can edit binary files, that is, but then that would mess others up :)

the only way i know of, within the map editor itself, is to add a castle keep on the defender's side of the map. not just walls that make an enclosure, but the actual model which is labeled 'castle1, castle2, castle3, or castle4'. but in doing that you force your units to start IN the castle and if they cant all fit then they start off the map.

that's the only way i know of currently to alter starting positions unless someone can figure out the code and change it, or someone finds something new that i havent.

yes, it does seem a waste of space in larger maps, that the starting positions cant be altered. we're sort of hoping that CA will patch this at some point.

read my notes on the map editor in the topic, 'xpack editor-tips, tricks, & twists'. other good stuff in there.


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