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08-30-2001, 00:37
I thought the topic here would give some of youz a little chuckle at the puritanical nature of the society we live in... always preaching to do as they say, but not as they do...

08-30-2001, 05:31
More like a good scare.. but such is life. People will always be stupid no matter what era we live in. People change very little, just look at history. Only the specifics change.

Personally I would like to bop such people on the head, but there are so many of them that my hand would be bruised and bloody before I could even make significant progress :-P


09-01-2001, 21:57
Once again, the blame is being placed on the gaming industry and not where it belongs: the parents. I have two little children and I do not fear that they will turn out to be violent social misfits, because they might play a certain computer game. They know right from wrong, which we have taught them and they also no real life from make believe. Next thing you know they will be back to banning/burning books again. Unfortunately, the Holier than Thou people representing U.S. citizens in Congress are ignorant enough to believe this nonsense. Here is something for them to think about. When they were children the violence wasn't make believe, it was WWII, Korean War, Vietnam and these things were in the newpaper, radio, T.V. every night. Have they grown up to be mass murderers and killers? No instead they have grown up to be very gullible and also from the sounds of it, bad parents. Political correctness is a disease of epic proportions and people need to stop worrying about how games corrupt children and worry more about who their kids are hanging out with and what their children are doing behind their closed bedroom doors. ***STEPPING DOWN OFF SOAP BOX NOW**** LOL

09-01-2001, 22:29
hear hear!!

09-04-2001, 10:38
Ain't it just awful what those young'unz do?