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09-07-2001, 11:50
i now believe it may be possible to edit the following:

1. the campaign map

2. the starting positions of units in tactical battles

3. the map textures in the tactical area

the caveat is that if you edit any of these, anyone playing you in multi would also have to have the same edited files. well, ok, #1 doesnt really apply there, but #2 and #3 do.

#3 may be quite tough to do if i cant find a reader for that file format. #2 doesnt look all that tough, but will take some trial and error. #1 is just pure theory at this point, so may not pan out at all.

#2 also carries another drawback. if you edit the starting positions for a large map and then play on a small map, likely the game would crash, if you moved the starting positions backwards from the middle. and, if you move the starting positions closer to the middle you may overlap defender and attacker positions or alter things like how castles work. because of the way the program works, this is a tricky proposition at best.

if anyone is familiar with the file extension .BP8, please let me know by posting in here.



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The Daimyo
09-07-2001, 18:02
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