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09-04-2001, 09:34
Sorry for a bit of self-promotion here. I think this subject line will attract more attention than my previous post. (hmm... should I also post in the General Discussion forum...?)

Anyway, I just want to announce that I've written a program which allows you to create your own campaigns for STWWE, in addition to the existing Sengoku Jidai, 1530, 1550, 1580 campaigns. You can download it from the download section of www.totalwar.org (http://www.totalwar.org) or hecose.tripod.com. Note that you'll need a DLL msvbvm60.dll which you can get from www.totalwar.org (http://www.totalwar.org) too.

Zen Blade
09-05-2001, 01:07

How good is it?
I am very interested in this... BUT is it easy to use? do you have any comments since you designed it?

-Zen Blade

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Nagano Toma
09-05-2001, 02:33
Nice job on the camppaign editor. I used it to create a 1542 start campaign. Right now Im working on balancing it. You have to be careful with Ronin. Too strong and the clans never grow, and often get wiped out. Too weak and the game is over by 1580. But anyway the editor itself is awesome. I have only one suggestion. Your program doesnt seem to use the "SetStartDaimyo:: " command soooo you will get the default names for the Daimyos which is different from the normal names, check it out. It was no big deal I just went into the file myself and added the SetStartDaimyo command myself so that the Daimyo's had the correct family names.

But again awesome job!

09-05-2001, 07:25
Zen_Blade, well I'd say it's pretty simple to use. Nothing very fancy, but will save you a lot of trouble editing the TXT files line by line. Download it and let me know what you think.

Nagano Toma, actually I don't know what "SetStartDaimyo::" does. Still trying to figure out the details before I add it to the campaign editor (probably version 1.1). Perhaps you can give me some information on this? "SetStartDaimyo::" is usually followed by two numbers. I know the first one is the clan number, but I don't know what the second one does. Does it refer to the index number in a list of daimyos for that clan? And which number is who?

Do post your 1542 campaign to totalwar.org once you're done play testing it. I'd love to try out custom campaigns made by other people.

09-05-2001, 08:41
SetStartDaimyo, as many have figured out, sets the starting Daimyo. All we need now is for someone to compile a list of which Daimyo is which.

Things I do know is that each Daimyo has a set birthdate more or less, so putting him in a wacky time period will either give you negative age, or probly make him die very quickly.


Zen Blade
09-05-2001, 09:41

I would, but I haven't had a reliable internet connection since... Friday.

And probably won't for another week. I basically have just been using the campus computer labs since the weekend.

-Zen Blade

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Nagano Toma
09-05-2001, 12:33
As the Khan said (my sensei on all this stuff) The first number in the SetStarDaimyo command is the clan number and the second is the number of the heir used. But the first in line is "0" not "1" I found this out in my 1542 campaign. I picked "1" for all the clans and I got Mori Yoshinari for Mori. When I put "0" then I finally got Mori Motonori who is the first Daimyo for the Mori. Now obviously every heir has a number assigned to it, but I haven't had the patience to make a list for each clan but I will try to get around to it

09-05-2001, 12:52
Nagano Toma, I was planning to do exactly that - testing each daimyo number for each clan and finding out who the daimyo is, his date of birth and his honour level. But I don't know when I'll have time to get around to it. If I do so first (before you do) I shall share the information with you on this board.

09-05-2001, 15:25
Zen_Blade, the file is relatively small. About 200K. So you might be able to download it. But the DLL which you'll need is about 700K (downloadable from totalwar.org). Unless you already have it on your PC...

Zen Blade
09-06-2001, 01:49
Just downloaded it at my lab computer...
will try it this evening mate..

any tips/pointers beforehand though???

can I alter the campaign map itself??
anything tricky, besides Tosa's post... did you have a chance to fix those problems?

-Zen Blade

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09-06-2001, 03:01
I was trying to use the editor, but after i clicked on a territory for the second time, i couldn't select anymore after that. What is up with that?

09-06-2001, 07:49
Zen_Blade, some additional info that might be useful:

- I haven't quite figured out how "SetStartDaimyo::" works, so I didn't have it in my program. So when you create your own campaigns, if you have some problems due to the lack of this command, you'll have to add it in manually to the TXT file.
- One thing I have noticed is that the "SetStartDaimyo::" command must come AFTER the province has been allocated ("SetRegionOwner::") and after the daimyo has been placed in the province ("PlaceDaimyo::").
- Nope, you can't change the campaign map itself. Can't change the koku output, presence of minerals, special troop training capability etc.
- Also I haven't really tested with creating Mongol campaigns, but from what I know if you set start date to 1274, it'll automatically become a Mongol campaign. In a Mongol campaign, you can't have Oda (because he's yellow like the Mongols).
- After putting your campaign into the startpos directory, (say "MyCpg.txt") create a directory called "MyCpg" and copy the positions.txt file from another subdirectory (say "Starting in 1580") into "MyCpg". This will make the interface you see in STWWE look nicer.

That's all I can think of for the moment.

Terutora87, I don't understand your question. To edit another province, click on the coloured number next to the other province. Remember not to click the province name, but the coloured number next to it. Also don't double-click. Just single-click. Hope that helps.

Zen Blade
09-06-2001, 10:02

could you explain that last bit again??
I think I have it, but am not 100% sure... I will try it this evening... but just in case I don't get it right, I will want to come into the lab tomorrow and see the answer first thing!

now, for the compliments/critiques...

-very simple, quick, and easy...


2. Changing Daimyo names... Changing/creating general names....
---I may have found the location for this, but I am not so sure...
there is a folder called "Ioc"... under it is... "eng" and in it are a number of important txt files (if memory serves me right)...
in one of them, events(?), I believe... if you go about 3/4 down (until about the end) there are LOTS of names in the game....

---perhaps we will have to do this "manually" and not use a program such as yours... but someone can probably come up with a way to stream line this if we can find the actual location for names... (sorry, this paragraph is out of place)

starting daimyos, generals, later heirs, etc...
Now, this doesn't appear to be the actual list of names, although it does list EVERY name that can and is used in STW... (at least, I don't think it is the list that afffects the game, but it could be).
-I am going to try messing with this file tonight (I went home for an hour, and will be back there in another hour for the rest of the night...)
--In this file one will also find (or I found) something interesting...

a bunch of Samurai names (historical), but aren't used in the campaign itself (with a few exceptions)...
most of these names are involved with either the Tokugawa clan, Asai clan, or Asakura clan... granted, the other names present may just be less familar to me... perhaps Seal should take a look...

ANYWAYS, my point is that Asai Nagamasa, Akao, Kaiho, Amemori, and a few other names are all related to the Asai clan and with the exception of Nagamasa are too obscure to be in the actual game.... SO... why are they there? my thought was that they could be "commanders" of units in the Anegawa battle... BUT, if this is so, then we should be able to edit the "leader" names of units... whether it be campaign or historical battles....

anyways, I am quite busy, but will look into this some tonight, but if anyone knows something or comes up with something, please let me know.

If Hecose (or others) can give me editing abilities of Daimyo/heir/general names, plus the current editing abilities that we have...
I will come up with a number of good campaigns to play...

btw, there was also A LOT of "multiplayer" txt lines somewhere in the "eng" folder... don't remember which file or where exactly.

Now to make it a bit better, and to pump out campaigns... I will try to have my first one done by the end of this weekend... BUT, may not be able to upload it as I still don't have internet at home.

-Zen Blade

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09-06-2001, 18:55
Zen_Blade, I'm afraid I don't know how to edit clan names and general names. With this campaign editor I'm just working with the TXT files in the startpos directory of STWWE. I have not explored much of other areas.

But at the moment I'm working on adding the feature to be able to set the start daimyo.

As for the tip related to creating a directory of the same name as the custom campaign name, sorry for the confusing explanation earlier. Basically each campaign TXT file should be accompanied by a directory of the same name. The directory will contain information that STWWE needs to display at the campaign selection & description screen in STWWE. When I started writing the program, I didn't know this and thus haven't done anything about it. So when you browse your custom campaign in STWWE, the interface will look a bit screwed (no description, and no clan icons on the two sides of the screen). To fix this you'll need to create that directory. I hope this is less confusing. http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

09-06-2001, 22:10
At the moment I'm working out the details for the command "SetStartDaimyo::". I'm trying to find out for each clan and each daimyo number, who it represents. So far I'm only up to daimyo number 11. I'm posting what I have so far to share with all. Do let me know if any of you spot any inconsistencies. Thanks.

ListStartDaimyos(1, 0) = "0 1514 3 Shimazu Takahisa"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 1) = "1 1533 4 Shimazu Yoshihisa"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 2) = "2 1535 4 Shimazu Yoshihiro"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 3) = "3 1551 4 Shimazu Iehisa"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 4) = "4 1562 3 Shimazu Muneharu"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 5) = "5 1516 3 Shimazu Yoshimoto"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 6) = "6 1520 2 Iriki-in Shigetoki"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 7) = "7 1550 3 Ijuin Hisanori"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 8) = "8 1555 3 Arima Harunobu"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 9) = "9 1558 4 Otomo Yoshishige"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 10) = "10 1532 2 Omura Sumitada"
ListStartDaimyos(1, 11) = "11 1556 2 Ryuzoji Masaie"

ListStartDaimyos(2, 0) = "0 1497 5 Mori Motonari"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 1) = "1 1523 3 Mori Yoshinari"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 2) = "2 1495 2 Asai Sukemasa"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 3) = "3 1525 3 Mori Takamoto"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 4) = "4 1553 3 Mori Terumoto"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 5) = "5 1579 4 Mori Hidemoto"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 6) = "6 1538 2 Amako Katsuhisa"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 7) = "7 1528 2 Ouchi Yoshinaga"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 8) = "8 1494 3 Saito Toshimasa"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 9) = "9 1544 2 Saito Tatsuoki"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 10) = "10 1527 2 Saito Yoshitatsu"
ListStartDaimyos(2, 11) = "11 1522 3 Miyoshi Chokei"

ListStartDaimyos(3, 0) = "0 1500 3 Oda Nobuhide"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 1) = "1 1514 3 Oda Nobuhiro"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 2) = "2 1535 5 Oda Nobunaga"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 3) = "3 1549 3 Oda Nobuharu"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 4) = "4 1548 2 Oda Nobukane"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 5) = "5 1550 5 Toyotomi Hideyoshi"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 6) = "6 1594 2 Toyotomi Hideyori"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 7) = "7 1545 2 Hatano Hideharu"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 8) = "8 1536 2 Hatakeyama Takamasa"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 9) = "9 1524 3 Kanamori Nagachika"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 10) = "10 1552 3 Sakuma Nobumori"
ListStartDaimyos(3, 11) = "11 1526 2 Akechi Mitsuhide"

ListStartDaimyos(4, 0) = "0 1519 3 Imagawa Yoshimoto"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 1) = "1 1520 3 Imagawa Ujizane"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 2) = "2 1542 6 Tokugawa Ieyasu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 3) = "3 1560 2 Tokugawa Nobuyasu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 4) = "4 1575 3 Tokugawa Hideyasu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 5) = "5 1531 2 Saigo Masakatsu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 6) = "6 1543 2 Suganuma Sadamitsu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 7) = "7 1548 4 Honda Tadakatsu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 8) = "8 1576 2 Honda Tadamasa"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 9) = "9 1535 3 Shidara Shigetsugu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 10) = "10 1565 2 Toda Tadatsugu"
ListStartDaimyos(4, 11) = "11 1527 4 Sakai Tadatsugu"

ListStartDaimyos(5, 0) = "0 1493 3 Takeda Nobutora"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 1) = "1 1500 2 Hiraga Genshin"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 2) = "2 1521 6 Takeda Shingen"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 3) = "3 1528 2 Takeda Nobushige"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 4) = "4 1546 4 Takeda Katsuyori"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 5) = "5 1556 2 Takeda Nobukado"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 6) = "6 1572 3 Takeda Nobutoyo"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 7) = "7 1518 3 Amari Torayasu"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 8) = "8 1532 4 Yamamoto Kansuke"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 9) = "9 1544 3 Yamagata Masakage"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 10) = "10 1548 3 Kosaka Masanobu"
ListStartDaimyos(5, 11) = "11 1534 3 Tsuchiya Masatsugu"

ListStartDaimyos(6, 0) = "0 1491 3 Hojo Ujitsuna"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 1) = "1 1516 4 Hojo Ujiyasu"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 2) = "2 1538 3 Hojo Ujimasa"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 3) = "3 1545 2 Hojo Ujiteru"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 4) = "4 1548 2 Hojo Ujikuni"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 5) = "5 1562 3 Hojo Ujinao"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 6) = "6 1580 3 Hojo Tsunanari"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 7) = "7 1560 2 Hineno Takayoshi"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 8) = "8 1534 2 Daidoji Shigeoki"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 9) = "9 1546 2 Minagawa Hiroteru"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 10) = "10 1588 2 Hineno Yoshitomo"
ListStartDaimyos(6, 11) = "11 1547 2 Ota Suketada"

ListStartDaimyos(7, 0) = "0 1491 3 Uesugi Tomooki"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 1) = "1 1514 3 Uesugi Tomosada"
'There's an heir here which is not a start daimyo: 1522 2 Uesugi Norimasa
ListStartDaimyos(7, 2) = "2 1530 6 Uesugi Kenshin"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 3) = "3 1554 2 Uesugi Kagekatsu"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 4) = "4 1585 2 Date Tadamune"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 5) = "5 1531 3 Inoue Kiyomasa"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 6) = "6 1536 3 Takemata Hirotsuna"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 7) = "7 1544 3 Date Terumune"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 8) = "8 1538 2 Shimonojo Saneyori"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 9) = "9 1521 2 Suda Chikamitsu"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 10) = "10 1545 4 Kamiizumi Nobutsuna"
ListStartDaimyos(7, 11) = "11 1534 2 Kakizaki Kageie"

Zen Blade
09-07-2001, 00:08

Horrible news....

I was working on it last night and this morning... finished a rough campaign... and then... when I went to play it...

ALL THE DAIMYO NAMES were totally out of whack... and some of the heir names were as well. By out of whack I mean getting a Mori Daimyo by the name of "Miyoshi Iehisa" or something... and a Hojo Daimyo by the name of Takeda Nobushige... etc...

anyways, I am not sure how or why, but somehow the file for starting daimyos was corrupted (or something)...

-my best thoughts: maybe due to the number of units I put into the campaign... I had the clans starting with between 17 and 32(?) units... Shimazu on the low end and Oda on the high.... my thoughts are that maybe the extra units caused a slight shuffling of starting daimyo names of some sort... one note: Oda Nobunaga did start as the daimyo for Oda, but he was also an heir. (starting year 1565). And I used the 1550 starting period as the base of my editing.
--this may have been a partial cause to the problem, but not sure...

----ANOTHER thing about the starting generals... not only being able to choose starting names, but also starting ranks and locations on the map.

--A side note about the daimyo names you listed mate: In that IOC, Eng, events file I showed you... those names are listed in the order that you showed here. (I remember the Asai Sukemasa)
--also, by "start daimyos" I think they mean start generals, or generals that pop up... and I can't see a clear pattern as to how they are listed...
1. not all possible daimyos are there. (mori heirs missing)
2. not completely chronological
3. some middle heirs are missing, but later ones are there (toyotomi for instance)

4. maybe we could ask EA or someone involved with STW for some help in creating a user-based editor?

-Zen Blade

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09-07-2001, 00:13
Where is and what is the name of the campaign editor? I looked at files at www.totalwar.org, (http://www.totalwar.org,) but don't know the file name.

09-07-2001, 02:09
If you start a campaign in something like 1800, for instance, and don't specify a starting Daimyo, you will get random daimyos. This may be Zen's problem.


Zen Blade
09-07-2001, 02:24

you've started a game at 1800???

and you were able to specify starting daimyo??? or you were not able to???
if you were able to specify the daimyo, how'd you do it??

-Zen Blade

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09-07-2001, 07:47
Tsumi, The file is at this page:

and the filename is STWCampaignEditorV1.0.

Zen_Blade, I have no idea why the daimyos are all messed up. In the campaign editor I didn't have any code to set the start daimyo, so I guess I need to have that code for STWWE to handle the file properly. Note that the standard Sengoku Jidai campaign text file does not have this command at all, but STWWE can interpret the file correctly and assigning the start daimyos correctly. At the moment I'm working on improving the campaign editor to allow you to specify specific start daimyos for each clan. Hopefully after having that the daimyo names won't be messed up anymore. For the moment I'm afraid you have to add the "SetStartDaimyo::" command manually in the text file.

Note that some of the heirs of the clans are indeed of a different surname, e.g. Tokugawa Ieyasu is an heir of Imagawa, and the Date generals are heirs of the Uesugi clan. These are real historical characters.

You can choose starting positions of daimyos on the map. There is a button "Put Daimyo Here" in the campaign editor. Just select a province, then click the button, and the daimyo who owns that province will be placed in that province.

I don't know how to change the starting ranks of generals. I am guessing these are fixed by STWWE to be historically accurate.
I think it's possible to change names, but rank and year of birth... I'm not sure.

From my testing with the "SetStartDaimyo::" command, indeed I have found that the daimyo numbers are not sorted by their age, and some heirs do not appear as start daimyos you can select. I guess this is how it has been set up by the developers.

In Khan7's American Civil War custom campaign, the start date was 1870. He didn't specify any start daimyo using the "SetStartDaimyo::" command, and the clans were simply assigned random daimyos.

Zen Blade
09-07-2001, 08:33
Hecose, check out my other post on the topic....

I figured a few things out.
(brings back memories of the early Civ II "modding" and editing days... when you worked in the txt)

but, I know (don't understand completely) some things related to daimyos....

-Zen Blade

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09-07-2001, 21:28
Hey, I'm a big fan of Civ2 too! Haven't done any modding for it though, but have been playing it a lot.

09-08-2001, 02:31
hehe...civ II modding..now THAT was easy :)


I'm sorry, but i never apologize.

09-09-2001, 12:43
I have updated the campaign editor to version 1.1. It's available for download at hecose.tripod.com. I have uploaded it to totalwar.org. I think the admins will make it ready for download soon. Please send any comments, bug reports to hecose@hotmail.com.

New features include:
- Mongol campaigns and Mongol units (Chapter 7)
- Ability to specify heir unit type, honour level and location {Chapter 5)
- Provinces with daimyo present will have an underlined coloured number
- Ability to choose start daimyo (Chapter 8)
- Fixed geisha unit problem (in v1.0 a Korean Skirmisher is created instead of a Geisha)
- Campaign description (Chapter 7)
- Create files and folders required for installing into STWWE (Chapter 9, 10)
- Declare province owner first before specifying units. In v1.1 campaign files, all province ownerships are declared first. This is to avoid potential problems when installing into STWWE.