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The Panda Centurion
06-23-2005, 19:20
I think that there should be multiple provinces of the demon faction that are situated next to those of the 5 factions. Each demon province or group of provinces will be able to recruit different types of demon according to which faction they will come into contact with. This would mean that each faction would have its own culturally unique demons to fight, making the battles more believable and in-depth. I am not proposing we have many different demon factions, although that would be even cooler ~;) (demon civil wars, etc.), i am only saying that the demon faction should be more spread out. Demons should be the worst fears of each civilization they are in contact with, and having them have different territories from which different demon armies emerge is much more exciting and believable. Below i have put together a rough draft of the kinds of demons that could associate with each faction, i hope you will consider this idea. ~:)

Japanese/Korean Demons:

Basket Demon Ronin
Undead Samurai
Zombie ashigaru
Ghost Geisha Fighters
Noh Demons

Chinese/Mongol Demons:

Shreeking Hags
Snow Monkey Infantry
Wang Liang
Shishi Riders
Beast Riders
Copper Dragon

Indian Demons:

4-arm Demons
Kappa Archers
Tengu Camel Archers
Elephant Tower

06-23-2005, 20:29
I'm all up for the idea to divide the Demon army into two or more sub-factions, whom all are a part of the head demon faction.

Me my self suggested this idea (or a similar one) way back (4-6 months ago, on the original Blue Lotus forum-thread) but Hoggy & crew didn't really like it. As I have understand they want the demon faction to be cacophonic and chaotic but nevertheless united. I think the idea is that a demon army in Blue Lotus should be sprawling with demons of all colours, forms, sizes and looks.

06-24-2005, 00:21
I think that particular division of demons is bad. Personally i think the demon faction as a whole isn't too bad, however it what would really be cool is if the demon faction was VERY vulnerable to civil war or entire armies becoming rebels, something like that would be really nifty.

06-24-2005, 14:57
I really like your idea, DragoonXXIV. To make the Demon faction terribly vulnerable for rebellion within the faction will balance this powerful faction in a natural way. Atleast when you play a full campaign.

In custom battles I think that the units should be disobedient (atleast some of them) and not all the time do as you order them to do. When you want them to draw back they sometimes charge instead. When you line up formations they should wander a bit (like those pesky Ashigaru does in Shogun).

07-08-2005, 06:30
Personally, as much as I admire the individual demons, I certainly don't want the demons to take over the game...

I realize that this is a fantasy game, but at the sam time the demons shouldn't end up being too ubiquitous...Let them be encountered in their own provinces but hopefully the main battles will be between the human factions. I'm fascinated at the prospect of Japanese samurai going up against an armyof Sikhs,or the Chinese taking on the Koreans...

The daemons will be there to add a bit of mythical spice but really I don't want them in my face more than 10% of the time...

A little bit of ghost geishas will go a long way I think..