View Full Version : Castle Map (pls help me)

09-14-2001, 07:45
I've got this great idea for a castle map. Imagine a large castle sitting on top of a hill... As high as the monk mountain in the Nobunaga Campaign. There is a moat at the bottom of the mountain so attackers will have to launch a bridge assault first from the south. After passing the bridge, the attackers will have to move up the mountain and enter the first layer of walls. To make things difficult we can put the entrance to the east (or west)... this would require the attackers to move around first and subject themselves to fire. After breaking though the first layer of walls, the attackers are then faced with a second layer of walls with the entrace on another side of the castle to make things difficult. With that kind of set-up, the defenders will have a chance even though they are quite few.

I'm not an experienced map maker and I tried the Warlord Edition's map editor and failed. So I'm asking the expert map makers to put my dream into reality. Can any one make a map like this? I'm sure a lot of people would want to play this. Or maybe there is already an existing map that's like this? Tell me where to get it.

09-14-2001, 17:59
Well is a bad idea cause the defenders could kill the attackers with projectile units when moving on bridge and then when climbing the hill and then they shall need to enter the caslte. It can be done but it would be a hell for the attacker.

Don't use only honour, use theforce, too.