View Full Version : Recommended: Zen_Blade\'s NOBUNAGA\'S DILEMMA custom campaign

09-22-2001, 09:05
I have started playing Zen_Blade's custom campaign about a week ago, playing as Oda on Expert. And gosh, this is one of the most exciting campaigns I have ever played. Some of the things that happened:

1. I lost Mino to Tokugawa Ieyasu. I simply did not have enough quality troops there, and he attacked on a rainy day, so my arquebusiers are useless.
2. I lost 3 alliances in one turn, after I cunningly betrayed my ally Mori and attacked his province.
3. I lost Mino to Takeda. When he attacked I actually had Oda Nobunaga himself defending against a rank 3 Takeda general. Unfortunately, again, I didn't have enough quality troops. And...
4. Oda Nobunaga was KILLED in that battle! I went pale with shock because I have heard of many horror stories about how revolts will pop up like mushrooms if your daimyo dies. Thankfully there was only one revolt in a newly conquered province, so I just retreated.
5. In the next season, Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Rank 5) wanted to avenge Nobunaga's death and attacked Mino from Owari. Some troops attacked from Echizen (north of Mino), some attacked from Owari (south of Mino). And what did the AI do? Both Takeda's army which has just taken over Mino and Tokugawa's army which is in Mikawa invaded Owari!!! It was a battle of about 1300 vs 1100, but it was 2 armies against 1. It was winter and was snowing heavily. I started with 4 arquebusiers which I had to immediately withdraw. And when reinforcements came they appeared at all corners of the map, making them almost useless. In the end I won very dishonourably. After beating back a few waves of attacks, I have simply run out of men. I won because timer was up. During that last 2-3 minutes I intentionally sent one yari ashigaru unit to a far corner so that I can win by timer up (what a shame).

In WE/MI I think the AI is much smarter on the strategic map. I have been too arrogant and careless because I've won all STW clans on Expert, and have won many of the new WE/MI campaigns with ease.

So everyone, do check out Zen_Blade's custom campaign - NOBUNAGA'S DILEMMA.