View Full Version : Installing Mods - Is this the correct process

06-26-2005, 23:57
I have just downloaded XL and ZX Mods.

My installation process was this.

1) Copied the "Medieval" directory into another folder call "backup\medieval"
2) Installed the mod

This will allow me to uninstall and return to original

1) Delete the Medieval Directory
2) Copy the Backup\Medieval to Medieval again

Is this the correct process ?

06-27-2005, 07:44
The installing and unistalling.

1. Installing

Copy the contents of one mod(not the both, as it will CTD or won't work) into your directory. To have both mods, you have to do a backup copy if the whole Medieval Total War. Copy the MTW folder into the Total War folder but make sure it(the backup folder) has a different name. The copy a mod into the backup folder.Also, backup the files that are gonna be modded

2. Uninstall

Simply copy the backupped files on to the modded files... And also erase the mod savegames...

Cheers! ~:cheers: