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Haegen Akechi
09-19-2001, 14:40

just a short suggestion to the people playing Khan7s ACW mod.

I we would add an "ACW" to our first name
(in my case "ACWHaegen Akechi)it would be easy to find the correct opponents.

What do you think?

Swoosh So
09-20-2001, 21:30
Whats ths acw civil war? where do i get the mod?

Haegen Akechi
09-20-2001, 21:51
You can get the mod from Khan7. Mail to

Haegen Akechi
09-20-2001, 21:55
... or just send me your mailadress, i will forward the mod to you

09-24-2001, 20:24
pls send acw mod to palmwhite@yahoo.com. do i just open regular game and see the mod as special game? thanks

09-24-2001, 23:32
I would like it too http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif