View Full Version : Patricians mod - request for help

06-27-2005, 13:35
I have some 10MB of files,
they are King Davids work on his Patricians of Rome Mod,
plus some late add-ons he never compiled into the mod,
plus some work from Lord Krazy and Double Down that were made with the Patricians mod in mind

frankly i dont have the time to group the lot into one version and test it.

if anyone is interested in working on it simply let me know and i will upload what i have


06-28-2005, 17:36
Sure, I would perhaps be interested in this.
Are there any new unit graphics?
I have been working on an expansion mod for HTW (noone seems to be interested though!) which includes a Roman era expansion, with many new units, a few new unit graphics, and TONS of new sound effects (including charging elephants and claypots full of bees.)
If I remember right the Patrician mod didn't modify much but the startpos file. I'd love to check the stuff out though!

07-01-2005, 11:16
there is one new unit graphic confirmed,

there are quite a lot of extras and add-ons that were made, but not added into the original beta release

all up it comes to 13.4 MB and i think i have found everything that was made

you game to make a mod out of it all?


07-01-2005, 13:55
I can just put together what there is, or if wanted add some things. I've already put together most of the Arthurian mods/fragments and added my own things (like night battles and traditional british music.)

07-01-2005, 18:18
i'll upload the patricians files later today and give you a link,

for the arthurian mod the loading images are these files in the main directory


the first is a 16 colour bitmap 400x300
the second is a 256 colour bitmap 400x300

give me a few hours - got to go to work

and i'll upload a sample pic for your intro


07-02-2005, 02:42
as you may notice from the other thread everyone is having trouble with old-n-faded's mod,
we'll let them solve that in the arthur thread and chat about both mods in here for now

anyway i promised the arthur into screens,
and here they are
(ForUse in game simply drop them into the root folder and drop the .bmp extension)
16 colours
256 colours

what else is needed for the arthurian mod?


07-02-2005, 02:53
Nice screens!
I'm not sure what else is needed, I've been too busy lately and haven't been able to check it out. However, I will check it out asap. One of the things I did when I was playing it (and this was just a personal choice) was to cut most group unit sizes in half. That way you get a totally different (and perhaps more authentic) feel for dark age warfare in the British Isles. Small groups (thirty to fifty fast moving units) end up creating ideal situations for ambushes and create tricky sieges. You get more of a 'raiding party' feel and not 'Braveheart Battle of Stirling.' (I know it's about 800 years earlier!)
Anyway, most of the infopics, review panel pics etc., were already changed and nicely done. One of the things I remember had to be fixed were the portraits- some didn't show sometimes (particularly for Druids) and I believe this could be from a missing number in the portrait tga's.
Otherwise I think it was nearly set.
The problems people are having are probably due to installing the patch for the mod as well. The patch startpos directed to files that were wrongly named, if I remember correctly, thus causing a ctd. Because I changed all the file names for the mod beforehand it works fine for me (and I downloaded it only a month or so ago.)
On Patricians, let me know what you need me to do.

07-03-2005, 10:07
seeing your version of arthur is almost done can we get that finished?
(or at least into an uploadable beta version so we can take bug reports)

i will upload everything for patricians later tonight, i had a hard drive failure.
i managed to bring it back to life and got the files onto a spare drive,
but that left me no free space,
i am currently installing a new hdd, about another hour or so and thats done
then transfer the files and then i have a few things to upload.

Patricians has a working version, plus a heap of add-ons and extras that never got installed to it

you will see the chaos when i upload the package - i'll put all the zips into one file, to make life easier (so it will be a zip file containing other zip files)