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09-24-2001, 03:12
When you guys say mods do you mean like actually making the troops look different or what?

09-25-2001, 01:45
'mods' is short for modifications and can mean anything from changing the look of things to changing how things act or perform or even as slight as changing a bit of text here and there. it also includes 3rd party maps, though these technically arent really mods in my mind. scenarios, historical battles, campaigns and all those are also considered mods.

some of the mods being done are changing the stats for units; things like speed, accuracy, offensive and defensive capability and so on. we've learned quite a bit about those recently. what we're stuck on is changing how the units actually look. for instance, khan7's mod for altering the stats of units to simulate civil war units does change the stats but doesnt change the look of the units, so you wont see any blue and grey clad men, just the old samurai look.


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