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06-28-2005, 00:43
umm i need assistance.i down loaded napol. and xl and they worked pretty much b them selves,but i uninstalled them and got bkb super mod but i cant figure out how to get it to work.please help.dont know much about computers so please keep it simple,start on a kindergarten level,lol.

06-29-2005, 06:33
First of all, here are two very important things to remember (From Duke John's "Introduction to Mods and Modding" FAQ):

Q: How many mods can be installed?
A: Most of the mods can NOT be installed on a single installation. Unless the mod only consists of a campaign file (something like the Viking, Early campaigns) then the mod overwrites a file of the original installation. Even adding a single unit means that you cannot use 2 different mods.
This is why it is advised to make seperate installations for each mod. You can make a seperate installation by simply copying and pasting your installation directory. It will cost you additonal harddisk space.

Q: How do I install a mod?
A: First of all, always read the installation instructions, either in a readme.txt or at the mod's development thread.
Most of the mods do not have a installation program, so you need to use Windows Explorer or My Computer to install the mod. To do this correctly you should first install to a temporary directory/folder. Compare the content with your MTW installation. If you see the same files then copy directly into the MTW folder.
If you see a single folder then you should probably install the content of that folder into the MTW folder.

So the first thing you need to do is create a clean installation of MTW. Get out your CDs and do the following:

1) Install MTW (you don't have to get rid of the one currently installed on your computer, but you will have to install this new one on a different directory. However, if you have any problems, just uninstall the old one and start clean).

2) Install the Viking Invasion (VI) Expansion Pack

3) Install the VI Patch (v2.01)

4) Now you have a clean version of MTW, suitable for copying.

5) Copy the entire directory and rename it as something else (like BKB Super Mod, or whatever Mod you plan to install in the copied directory)

6) Put the BKB install file in the newly copied directory and run it - installation should happen fairly easily, with only one possible problem - read BKBs warning below:

VERY IMPORTANT - Ensure that you install it directly into your 'Total War' folder. The default installation is set for your 'Medieval - Total War' folder. This is wrong - ensure that it is installed into your 'Total War' folder, the one 'Medieval - Total War' can actually be found in.

7) If you have the hard drive space, I'd recommend keeping the "clean installation" and not using it for games. That way if you want to try different mods, just make another copy of that directory instead of reinstalling everything off CDs.

Good Luck!