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09-20-2001, 22:18

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09-20-2001, 23:55

Hilly maps are not popular with online play you know that...

Good looking, not completely flat but fair and with many places to play on...

The old Kaigain-zoi Yama by Tosa Inu is a perfect example. http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif


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09-21-2001, 01:08
I know that tosa is a better mapper than me but don't have a fave map among mine maps. If not l will say my mate Bush to give a missile http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/tongue.gif
I am making a new map tonight :P

Don't use only honour, use theforce, too.

Swoosh So
09-21-2001, 01:19
Id like to see more maps like nagashima ie a mpa with a little bit of everything and very defined areas ie the temple hill the east woods the ditch etc


Ahh nagashima the perfect map..

09-21-2001, 20:15
let us have a go at this map thing, flattish maps with a few defined features in there as well.. I like maps that offer perpetual flanking abilities for players, constant fluid changes - thats what its all about, well for me anyway.

09-21-2001, 22:31

Krast likes maps with hills sometimes ...

The best maps are those that have well-defined areas (yes Swooshie) that favour one or more unit types, mixed with other areas in a crazy patchwork quilt-looking pattern that drives men mad and prevents the same old tactics being repeated over and over and over ...

There are enough flat maps already.

Krast would like to see maps that challenge both the attacker and defender. Nagashima is one of these.

Krast would like to see maps that channel the action towards the center. Longhill had that sort of idea. But having generally lower ground around the outer edges and interesting features in the center ...

Make a map that reflects a chess-like dominance of the center instead of a GO-like clinging to the edge all the time.

Large impassable areas are bad. Small impassable areas are good if placed effectively.

Complex elevation changes can be good unless they lead to buggy effects ... Krast hasn't yet seen much use of dead ground and prominent military crests in any maps. The ability of guns to fire line-of sight only means that narrow gullies might form a part of an interesting map. Imagine sneaking up on those gunners through a wooded gully!

Hmmmmmm. Maybe Krast should learn to make maps. But it looks so complicated!

Great Glory to all Map Makers! You really are the crucial part of our community, and tell them Krast said so.

09-22-2001, 00:40
I am working on "Thermopyles" the name of the 300 Spartans against the millions of Persians. There is a narrow passage that gives the upper hand to the defenfer especially in the projectile. The map it's pretty flat but l suggets you read the story of the battle if you wish to be a succesful attacker.

Don't use only honour, use theforce, too.

09-22-2001, 02:10
i like your ideas, krast. and at least one of my new ones has a defensible ridge/cliff. i havent released any of the maps i've made with the new editor yet, but i've got some different 'flavors' in there that you might like. so far i've got about 5-7 done except for the readme's, and tga files. i was going to wait till i got about 10 done then release them in one zip file, but if you guys are clamboring for more, i could be persuaded to 'tie them off' and send em in.

part of the trouble with the new maps is that very few multi players play much more than totomi or 4th kawa or harima. this tends to be a bit discouraging or at least not much of an incentive to making new, since one of the real joys is seeing someone actually using the stuff. the other drawback is that with so much turmoil over we/mi and players leaving that arena, there is not a larger crowd there to use the maps. and frankly, it would be difficult to go back and make maps for stw after using this new editor.

it's also true that CA re-did a lot of the maps that were in stw with the new effects available in we/mi so we still arent even playing all of those yet either.

but, i will eventually release some new ones. i've got at least one 'flat' map that shld be rather novel, one bridge map that affords some interesting effects, one fortress type that will give attackers a hard time, one swerving terrain with some interesting starting positions for a 4v4 and a few others. so maybe one of these days :)


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09-24-2001, 03:08
If it is possible, I would like to see a historically accurate campaign or battle.

09-24-2001, 19:40

Please go to http://www.totalwar.org/maps/demoedit.shtml
scroll down to Historical Battles and download Sekigahara by Kasin san please. The scenarrios from Axial san are authentic too.

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09-25-2001, 17:50
Thank you!