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07-15-2005, 05:21
Howdy gents!

Just wanted to include this here:


Some screenies of the Civil War Era from the very soon upcoming American Total War.

Besides working on the RTW engine and creating NTW2, the Lordz are happy to announce the American Total War package based on NTW1 for the MTW:VI engine.

The American Total War mod will be a mod for MTW. Continuing in the vein of Napoleonic Total War but shifting focus, it will feature at least two different eras in North American warfare: The American War for Independence, and the American Civil War.

Both eras will be available for Single Player Custom battles and Multiplayer. Single Player Campaign is being worked on.

The American War for Independence will feature three separate factions with very different play style. Do you wish to go to war as the fleet footed Americans, bringing your Minutemen, Green Mountain Boys, and Continentals out to ambush the enemy from behind tree and wall? Or would you rather begin the unstoppable march of the British, your lines full of British Regulars, British Grenadiers, and Hessian mercenaries? Or maybe you wish to take command of the French, landing your Marines and Grenadiers to help your American allies? AWI-TW features music from the era, rewards players who can adapt their styles to the skirmish warfare of the time, and includes some of the most beautiful maps ever created for the MTW engine, including a host of historically inspired maps for those of you who wish to recreate history. Will the colonies break the chains of servitude and form a New Nation? Or will Britain squash the upstart colonies? The choice is yours!

The American Civil War will focus on the war that pitted brother against brother, North against South, and almost tore the United States apart. The solid blue lines of the Union will march forward, with valiant troops from New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, and the rest of the Northern States joining some of the most famous regiments of the war, including the Iron Brigade, Irish Brigade, and others, on the field. The Confederates will be ready to meet them, a ragtag looking bunch including Texans, Virginians, and North Carolinians, as well as some of the elite of the Southern armies, including the 1st Louisiana Tiger Zouaves and the Stonewall Brigade. Featuring period battlefield music, new troop types including dismounted cavalry, and a host of historically inspired maps, American Civil War will finally allow you to reenact one of the most important and researched conflicts in history in the MTW engine.

With all new factions, troop types, music, maps, and even styles of play, the American Total War mod will continue the fine Lordz tradition of quality wargames for the avid wargamer. American Total War will most likely be available by the end of the summer at the latest.

Thanks all, and enjoy!


King of Atlantis
07-15-2005, 08:03
Thank you! ~:)

but, a few suggestions,

*In the revolution, spain and iroqois confederacy(sp) should be playable.
*Minor suggestion- In civil war General McClellan should have good stats, contrary to commen belief
*In civil war their should be all black units for both sides.

07-15-2005, 19:20
McClellan was more of a troop trainer then an actual battlefield general(he nearly bungled Antietam...luckily he had some good officers under him), I think troops under him should have a morale bonus but thats about it.

Black troops were on both sides but the CSA never actually sent theirs into combat so Im not sure if that would make sense, but the US on the other hand had upwards of 100k black troops and were not afraid to send them into battle as they had proved themselves to be as good if not better then white soldiers.

King of Atlantis
07-15-2005, 23:14
McClellan is critized for losing battles and complaing that his troops needed more training, but in reality he was right.

07-16-2005, 08:38
Well like I said he was more of a troop trainer then battlefield general, but then again the US didnt have much in the way of generals for sometime, they did have good officers, just they kept putting the wrong people in command :dizzy2:

Any word on how long till this mod comes out, I am looking forwards to it greatly ~:cheers: ~D

[GG]Lord Ashram
07-18-2005, 01:51
Howdy gents!

Glad everyone is interested in the American Total War mod, both for the skirmish heavy AWI era as well as the brutal thick battles of the ACW era.

The mod shouldn't be long; maybe a month or two, depending on peoples schedules and the demands of NTW2.

Thanks for the interest,

[GG] Lord Ashram

[GG]Lord Ashram
07-22-2005, 23:11
Any chance this could get stickied please?


King of Atlantis
07-24-2005, 08:17
are you guys adding spain/ indians as factions for revelution?

[GG]Lord Ashram
08-01-2005, 19:57
In the American War for Indepedence era of the ATW mod, Native Warparties will be able to be hired by both British and American factions. They are fast, fearsome, and are able to spring ambushes from both dark forests as well as high grass.

The Spanish will not be in the American War for Independence era of the ATW mod. While there were certainly Spanish forces involved in the southern pieces of the American Revolution, we felt it best to focus on the dichotomy of the fighting personalities of the American and British factions. By adding too many other factions that fight in the more European style of the period it would dilute the very different styles of the two main contestants in the war. While the French will be able to be fielded by a Patriot General who thirsts for Grenadiers and Royal Marines and other "proper" soldiers, we hoped to make the Patriot experience, on average, far different than the Loyalist experience.

Trajen the 1st
08-01-2005, 20:03
A Question about the war for independence, will there be a few native american tribes playible? I think it would be interesting for after the war with the brits the US would start expnading and come into conflict with these tribes. ~:) ~:)

[GG]Lord Ashram
08-05-2005, 15:49
The beta is being tested at the moment, and we hope to have American Total War (with both the Civil War era and Rev war era) done and released to the public in a few weeks:)

Thanks for the interest,

[GG] Lord Ashram

P.S. Can this get stickied? Or because the mod is done is it not considered in development?

[GG]Lord Ashram
08-05-2005, 16:09
There may be more Native American involvement than simply hiring units within other factions in the AWI era, but we're still considering that... remember, this is not for Campaign, but only for MP and SP custom games for now.



[GG]Lord Ashram
08-09-2005, 07:55
Official Previews for both Eras of the American Total War mod:

For a preview of the American Civil War era in the mod, including screenshots and a unit by unit preview, see this link:


For a preview of the American War for Independece era in the mod, including screenshots and a unit by unit preview, see this link:


[GG] Lord Ashram

08-09-2005, 15:14
Excellent news!

All these mods will keep me happy for a long time to come...


King of Atlantis
08-12-2005, 03:54

Save your confederate dollars yall the south will rise again!