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07-26-2005, 17:03
After reading the thread on medieval indian warfare, i have decided to work on an India Total War. If i get any interest in it, we can make it. SO plz guys if youre interested and/or if you can help plz post here.

The Map will be basically a Map of India, possibly extending up to pakistan. bangladesh and nepal. The Mod will run from the Formation of the Delhi Sultanate and end with the creation of the mughal realm, and possible factions will be: Sultanate of Delhi, The Kingdom of Vijangdar, the sultanate of Bahni, possibly the Mongols, plus many more. As i have found hardly any information on Indian Medivela Factions im gonna need some help with this. Also loads new units, aswell as new Hindu religion, Tradegoods, battle maps, new hindu buildings, and of course some elephants.

Positions needed to be filled:
Indian Historians
Graphics Experts ( for campaign map and new Units)
Battle Maps Expert ( someone to create new India battle Maps
More Modders for other jobs ( i myself cant get through everything alone, plus im not the most experienced modder, can only add units, factions, change ai, tradegoods)

People Working on the Mod:

Mod Progress: 0%
Units: 0%
Battlemaps: 0%
Campaing Map: 0%
Research: 0%

07-26-2005, 22:24

07-27-2005, 20:34
Ok this is the first potrait for one of the Indian Factions


07-28-2005, 08:15
Good job editing it! :thumbsup:

As you presented, it's really interesting. I want to help you. What exactly do you need?!

08-04-2005, 05:08
Im for it fully, think about it Mahrattas charging southern ceylene infantry.

08-04-2005, 05:09
I am also an indian hisotian and would gladly help your cause...

08-15-2005, 19:06
thanks for the replys guys, ive been on holdiday ever since the day of my last post before. K now if we get more people on the job we can get started. And everyone thankis for showing intereest.

Also possibility of an extra perdion, namely the british in india ( maybe use some of the Lordz Nap TW [with permission of course]

King of Atlantis
08-25-2005, 00:01
Well, im actually thinking of making a mod for MTW for india. It would be shortly after the Alexandrian Conquest, and be all about the rise of the maruyan empire. This of course will all be based on if I can make a map, which i really want to try to do..

Mr Jones
08-25-2005, 04:15
i'm all for an india mod. unfortunately i am quite busy at the moment (working, getting ready to go overseas next yr, finishing my last yr of school, gridiron (yes, we do hav it in australia)), so i can't really offer any help except to maybe try and do sum research in my spare time, which i am already trying to do for persia:total war. i tried to get an india mod started a while ago but with little success, so best of luck to you!

Hold Steady
08-29-2005, 12:16
I'd like to help. Don't know much about modding and programming, but I did the occasional stats tweak and I have some adobe software..

08-29-2005, 23:22
I know next to nothing about medieval India and have no graphics skills; so I'd be of little use. I think the end product would be interesting, though! I caught part of a History Channel program just recently which was discussing the Mauryans and Chandragupta. Very interesting stuff.

King of Atlantis
08-30-2005, 00:22
Man, missed that one...

08-30-2005, 02:09
I'm not an Indian Historian, but I'm half Indian! Go India! ~D

09-02-2005, 08:12
Any updates Crusader?!

Looks like your mod is a bit dead. Try to get KoA to help you, he has a India Total War for RTW.

09-02-2005, 15:32
No, lets do the mod during the Abbasid invasion so we can use all of the great indian factions like Punjabs, Mahrattas, Ceylonese, etc. But if we did the Mauryan states we could get a cool sense of Hindu mystism because this was the age that the epic of Rama was written and the 7th incation of Visnu arouse (Krishna), But im really for an indian mod or if other people were willing to calabortate, we could do an islamic mod starting from the revalation in the 600's...

09-02-2005, 15:45
Österreich über Alles, hört sich an wie "Deutschland,Deutschland über alles" ,
die 3.Strophe der Nationalhymme,die übrigens verboten ist.Hitler war Österreicher oder ~;) Wirft kein gutes Licht auf deine Person :charge:

09-02-2005, 22:26
Es tut mir leid, aber ich nicht ein nazi...
can we just talk about creating a indian mod?

King of Atlantis
09-02-2005, 23:30
Well one is being made...

current map by Bdh


I would recommend anybody intrested P.M me..

Sorry if this is encroaching on a "medieval" mod, but this seems a little dead...

09-05-2005, 19:35
Wir reden hir über ein projekt für ein Computer Spiel, nicht die Nazi Nationalhymne. Ok. Nebenbei ich bin halb deutsch und geh in england auf die europäische schule ( wurde in england geboren).

Anyway yes the Mod is pretty dead ( been playing RTW) so if a mod is made it would be for RTW and as their is already one, the mod is off

09-05-2005, 23:59
Well the dream died.....maybe sumone would like Islamic TW

09-10-2005, 18:03
Too bad that the mod died.

Come on Crusader, don't lose your faith!!!!

BTW, you can join our modding team.

09-10-2005, 18:37
Well im still busy, now working on a mod for RTW, which will be the invasion of the new world, which me and a friend are working on

06-12-2011, 03:34
is this ever coming out?

08-12-2012, 05:17
I think India Total War would be incredible!