View Full Version : PMTW 2.0 announcement

08-15-2005, 13:11
Since there is noone to help with new graphics or the new map I decided not to release version 2.0 of Pike & Musket mod for MTW VI in foreseenable future.

The mod goes underground and won't emerge until I will find someone with good drawing skills and enough courage to do some graphic work.

The work will continue anyway, because I am preparing the mod for me as much as for anyone else, but I am not going to release it with so few new graphics.

Regards Cegorach :book:

08-15-2005, 15:47
Well that's a shame. I appreciate your efforts, Cegorach1. I wish I had some skill at graphics; but sadly that is the area in which I am most deficient here. Anything I drew would end up looking like something a 4 year old with a crayon could do better.