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08-27-2005, 11:08
Post here ideas and infos about possible historical battles :

Hastings (Normans/Saxons) - 1066
Clontarf (Irish/Northmen) - 1014
Brasalauspurg (Magyars/???)
Lechfeld (East Frankish Kingdom/Magyars) - 955 ?
Stamford Bridge (Saxons/Northmen) - 1066
Manzikert (Romans/Califate) - 1071
Hafrsfjord (Northmen/Sweds or Danes) - Between 880 and 900
Brenta (Central Frankish Kingdom/Magyars) - 869
Paris - (Western Frankish Kingdom/Danes) - 885
Andrinople (Romans/Bulgars) - 811
Poitiers - (Western Frankish Kingdom/Caliphate) - 732
Malazgiert - (Romans/Caliphate) -
Dorylaeum - (Western Frankish Kingdom/Caliphate) - 1097
Ascalon - (Same as above) - 1099

08-27-2005, 12:37
Lechfeld. Germans vs. Magyars

Stamford Bridge. Saxons vs. Vikings

Rodion Romanovich
08-27-2005, 13:30
- For Clontarf, it should be Irish vs the Norwegian faction.
- For Stamford Bridge, it should be Norwegian faction vs the Saxons
- Manzikert - yeah, it HAS to be included, and the Abbassids with some turkish mercenaries/auxiliaries units would represent the seldjuks well.
- Paris - very good! Siege is good, not many others that come to mind

- Battle of Tours - even though out of the timeframe, it's a cool battle and we'd nearly have the needed units with Abbassids vs France. But this might need some more afterthought first.
- Malazgiert - same factions as Manzikert
- one or more early crusader battles in the period 1097-1099

08-27-2005, 13:31
By Tours, you mean Poitiers, no ?

Rodion Romanovich
08-27-2005, 13:36
Yes, but some people call it Tours to avoid confusing it with the 14th century battle of Poitiers

Rodion Romanovich
08-27-2005, 13:58

During Ethelred's reign
- Battle of Englesfield, Berkshire (31 December 870), saxons under Ethelred and Alfred the Great defeat danes
- Battle of Reading (4 January 871), danes defeat saxons under Alfred the Great and Ethelred
- Battle of Ashdown (8 January 871), saxons under Alfred the great and Ethelred strongly defeat danes
- Basing (22 January 871), danes defeat saxons under Alfred the Great and Ethelred
- Marton, Wiltshire (22 March 871), danes defeat saxons under Alfred the Great and Ethelred

Alfred's reign
- Wilton 871 May - danes defeat saxons under Alfred the Great
- 878 January - Danes attack castle of Chippenham with superiority in numbers and strength, saxons defend and lose, Alfred survives and escapes, but with trouble (could be an interesting historical battle to set up with triggers and goals - hold city X minutes, then make sure Alfred survives and reaches a spot at the map edge; something like that)
- Edington 878 May - saxons with levy allies from Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire defeat Danes in the probably most decisive battle of the conflict.
- 884 or 885 - Danish landing in Kent is repelled by saxons
- Conquest of London 885 or 886 - Alfred the Great defeats danish rebels
- 893 or 894 Battle of Farnham - Saxons under Alfred's son Edward defeats danes
- Benfleet - danes defeated by saxons
- Thames valley 894 - three ealdormen or Mercia, Wiltshire and Somerset surprise danes heading to relieve danish besieging Exeter that might be attacked by a relief force commanded by Alfred the Great, danes lose when trying to break through the English lines.


- 839 - Picts suffer a disastrous defeat vs vikings, most pictish nobles die
- 877 - Alba under Constantine I defeated by vikings at "the Black Cave" (Inverdovat) in Forgan, Fife
- 904 Battle of Scone - vikings defeated by Alba led by Constantine II in important battle
- Battle of Brunanburh 937 - Constantine II defeated by saxon King Athelstan
- Battle of Banffshire - Alba under Indulf defeat Danish raiders

08-27-2005, 19:27
For sieges, why not the sack of Dublin 950? Cellachan Ua Caishaill (Cashel) surrounded the city, used some makeshift catapults to launch the heads of dead Dubliner soldiers into the town (it wasn't a city yet; Dublin wasn't that important until the Norman invasions), and then forced open the gates, slaughtered the defenders and ransacked the city. He was supported by some allies from Scotland, including some Picts sent to assist them.

Or, the sack of Tara or Dublin in 980 by Malachy, king of Ulster. Those also involved allies from Alba, including Pictish levies, and combatting Norsemen and their Irish levies and allies.

08-27-2005, 21:36
Lechfeld was in 956, Meneldil.

Also, consider the following battles:

Siege of Constantinople - 718
Dyrrachion - 1042(have to check exactly)

Both are with the Byzantines.

08-27-2005, 23:06
Ok, that's a fairly good amount of battles now :-P

08-27-2005, 23:19
Stamford Bridge took place in 1065, I believe...

08-27-2005, 23:33

1066, the same year of Hastings.

08-28-2005, 00:34
Indeed. Nevermind.

09-10-2005, 22:46
Dyrrhacium October 1081.
The first time Alexius Comnenus faced Robert Guiscard & his son Bohemund. Could be an interesting battle between Normans & Byzantines.

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