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10-14-2005, 00:47
Hello Toga

I miss my cat. He was so cool.

Sad...he was dear to you...sorry to hear.

Long time no see my friend, hope all is fine.


10-14-2005, 10:09
Hello Kaneyashi~:)

Toga does not have much time at the internet for personal reasons... but he tries to keep in touch with us at the village. (link is in my sig if you forgot it)

when he has more time he drops in here at the .org so you might see him here.

But he's fine. Good to hear you care for him because he misses you.~:)

10-19-2005, 23:43
Hello Drisos

Thanks for the update...good to hear Toga is doing fine.

I'll catch up with him...sooner or later...friendship has no expiry date.


10-20-2005, 07:46

I'll catch up with him...sooner or later...friendship has no expiry date.

You sure will. He said the same about your friendship ~:)

Anyways if you have too much free time once, wouldn't you like to play stw mp at the fakeserver? If I remember correctly you had problems logging in, right? Well Shambles just found out a way to log in 1st time with windows XP. Shin-GaiJin also posted something that should work all the time.

Perhaps I'll see you at the Aggony forums sometime ~:)



10-20-2005, 20:01
Ah, Kas buddy ~:). Yeah, my best of cats moved on in August, after 15 years of great times. He was quite a trooper, having a chronic illness for a year and a half or so. But his time came, so I acted as his "kaishaku." KeenEye Flycatcher--big, fat, black, and so damn handsome, and the most musical of meows, of all the cats (and there have been many) that I've had. He didn't need chopsticks to catch flies; he snatched them out of the air with his paws (and ate them :dizzy2: ). The coolest thing about him was that he had absolutely no concept of violence. Just love. Even with the flies he was just playing and happened to discover that they were edible. I wish it were in me to be like that (well, the thing about violence, not a fly connoisseur ...).

I miss him a lot, but ... I had my life on hold pretty much while he convalesced, hence Reno (my friends tell me I'm too fanatical about loyalty ... ya think?), and his passing allowed me to take advantage of my current opportunity here in Maplewood so ... it's worked out. Full circle--loyalty begat loyalty--and I can move on now, with very fond memories and no regrets.

Great to hear from you m8!! Hope to catch up with you "live" on chat sometime soon.