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11-22-2005, 04:21
I was puzzled for a while when trying to avoid ERE's navy (playnig as WRE) and kept getting nailed, when I was almost sure all my fleets were out of range of enemy ships. Well to solve the mystery of the mysterious ships showing up to sink mine I built watchtowers revealing the whole of the western mediteranian. To my surprise and discovery the ERE was teleporting ships around the eastern med to sink mine. To top it off the ERE sold this technology to rebel pirates to harass me. Although I had no idea where this technology was coming from I was soon to find out after reclaiming Alexandria (Egypt) for the true Roman empire. I sent a spy to the east of there and ran into a city called Philadelphaea and noticed they were doing experiments on ships in the dead sea. My spy also revealed the name of this secret experiment as the Philadelphaea project. Well to try to take this technology for myself I immediately sent an army to claim this city. Unfortanately all documents were either confiscated or snuck out of the city before it's capture. Puzzled I tried many years to obtain this technology and searched for these documents to no avail, until one day an allied diplomat came to tell me the whole secret behind this. It was plain and simple, the god of very hard difficulty dispises me and favours my enemies!

Anyways for those that did'nt catch on there is nothing special about philadelphaea in game. Just very hard difficulty advantage for the A.I.

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