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Emperor Aurelius
12-02-2005, 20:26
Hey guys I want to know what your strangest wars are ever. Ok here is mine.

Im playing as brutii. I got the balkans,asia minor, parts of russia,parts of armenia. A large empire. Then guess what? I receive 2 messages from teh senate stating that the julii and scipii have declared war on the SENATE. Sure enough the senate gives me a choice to either join the rebels or thje senate. I join the senate. Both the julii and scipii actually DECLARE WAR ON ONE ANOTHER and start landing armies on each others coasts. The senate responds by deploying its super fleet to my aid. With the help of the senates fleet I invade and capture all of Sicily. Then the SENATE DECLARES WAR ON ME! Now it is a big free for all with the roman factions?

This is strange. I always thought the other 3 roman factions banded TOGETHER AGAINST YOU. I just witnessed the scipii capture caralis and the julii attacking capua.

12-02-2005, 23:15
Well that's the definition of Civil War...

12-03-2005, 11:17
It will happen, though you're supposed to Take Rome ;]

Celt Centurion
12-08-2005, 04:52
The very first game I played as the Julii, all three factions declared war on me for refusing to have my faction leader commit suicide. A few turns later, they also turned on each other.

There have been a few times that the Roman factions had their civil war, but in more recent games over the past few months when I played a non-Roman faction, the Romans stayed as allies. The last time I played as a Roman faction, they all turned on me, again, for refusing the suicide order, and they otherwise stayed as allies to each other, right up until I caused a "Faction Destroyed" tile to come up for them.

Folks, when you are playing as Egyptians, or Greeks, or whatever, and all three of them are after you till the end of the game, or you eliminate them, whichever comes first, they have potential to be a "minor challenge."

Presently, as Greeks, It's about 140 B.C., and the Scipii and Brutii have ceased to exist. They pushed me until I pushed back and totally destroyed them. Now, I have almost all of Italy, but have not yet attacked SPQR. They did come to reinforce Julii where I had them besieged, but that's as far as it went. Some 1,300 of the SPQR attacked me, 49 got away.

They don't "always" have a civil war.

Strength and Honor

Celt Centurion

12-08-2005, 10:56
It actually depends on whether one of the Roman factions gets stronger than the others. If that does not happen, the Republic will continue to exist. If it does, the other factions may gang up on the strong one, or it may devolve into a free-for-all with the winner taking all...