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03-04-2006, 01:38
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DARTH FORMATIONS 10.8(updated)

These are the formations used with my latest full Mod conversion of Rome Total War called DarthMod 6.9. Check it here how to download and use latest patches
http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=44816. For best gameplay effect play them with my mod.
These formations have a unique character for each faction something first done for Rome:Total War.
That means, each faction will use specific formation roles to fulfill its needs according to faction’s strength and weaknesses. No more randomness and irrelevant formation styles. You will witness an AI never seen before, which uses strategies taken from actual history of each culture. Each set of formation will swap between roles and according to circumstances, AI will use a variation to attack, defend, maneuver, turn, flank, retreat with extreme accuracy.

These formations are 100% combatible with original RTW:1.3/1.5. versions (Or simply play old campaign with version 1.6 = purchased BI). If any mod makes alterations to the factions used by RTW then it will not play.

I will briefly describe the strategy of each formation:

-Greek-Theban formation (used by greek_cities)
Implementation of the actual ancient greek strategy firstly introduced by the Thebans.
The Phalanx was angled with the left wing being reinforced and the right weakened.
Due to greek-phalanx overlapping shielding there was a habit of a clockwise movement of the phalanx formation of the 2 confronted armies and this formation took use of this attribute by quickly destroying the right enemy flank with the pushing and reinforced mass of the left wing. I could not implement the angle due to hard coded reasons but the effect is similar. The flanks of the phalanx will be actively be protected and covered by cavalry and missile infantry.

-Roman manipular formation (used by romans_julii, romans_brutii, romans_scipii, romans_senate)
Implementation of the historic manipular roman formation that was introduced by the early republican roman army (with velites – hastati- principes – Triarii organization) to the late legion empire army of Marius.
Each unit is a maniple and is in such box formation that is almost a self depended force. The Romans will lively maneuver, flank, attack with skirmishers in an unparallel way comparing to any formation. It has no real weaknesses. It cannot be flanked easily and AI roman will always use reserves if available to strike with momentum.

-Alexander the Great Macedon formation (used by Macedon)
Implementation of the actual historical Greek formation used by Alexander the Great to conquer the known ancient world of the ancient times. The phalanx is deployed thickly in the center. Some auxiliary forces will cover flanks and also some will skirmish ahead. A powerful semi-wedge cavalry formation will be deployed at the right with the general leading from behind. In the hands of AI it can be a real menace due to the thunderous cavalry charge which creates.
-Epigonus battle formation (used by Egypt, Seleucid)
The evolution of Alexander’s heritage of battle tactics. It has some minor alterations though such as conservative general behaviour behind, balanced cover of flanks and usage of Elephants in priority. The center will consist the thick formation of phalanx as well.

-Carthaginian Poison formation (used by Carthage)
A formation that will actively flank and depend in Elephant force if available.
The flanking will be tried also from heavy infantry en mass in both flanks (If there is available). A really tricky formation that gives the impression of AI defeat only to realize that you are surrounded! It is a mix of historical usage of battles fought between Carthage and Romans.

-Nomad formation (used by Scythia)
A really punishing formation that uses with extreme efficiency horse archery.
The horses will play the primary role in the formation creating a gap in the center and flanking forces to both sides. Also there will be reserve cavalry behind the infantry that will reside afar and in the center to counter enemy threats. Constant moving and keep of distance will be the main strategy of this formation for the AI. The formation uses effectively the historical strategy of the nomads.

-Asian battle formation (used by Pontus, Armenia)
A formation that its main character is the mass frontal usage of skirmishers and effective cavalry cover of infantry mostly with countering from behind.
The general will be protected by cavalry at all costs. Also missile cavalry will effectively harass human forces to both flanks. The Asian armies were depended too much from their cavalry and missile units. This has been reflected realistically.

-Skirmishing Battle formation (used by Parthia, Numidia)
Armies with superior missile cavalry and decent infantry units use this formation to punish human army with coordinated attack with both. Missile cavalry will challenge human army from the start and infantry is thinly placed at the center ready to break and isolate human forces to be countered by predatory cavalry and foot skirmishers.
Mainly a Parthian tactic but also adapted by Arab ancient forces later.

-Barbaric Onslaught formation (used by Gauls, Britons, Dacia, Germans)
It reflects the exact way of thinking and fighting of ancient Barbarian warfare. The heavy infantry forces are deployed en mass in the center and start the attack with no haste to crash the opponent. Archery will cover from behind while both flanks are protected by cavalry. Simple, heroic and effective.

-Semi-Barbarian formation (used by slave, thrace, spain)
A mix of civilized and barbaric warfare. Mixed heavy forces will consist with cohesion the center. Both flanks will be protected with cavalry but placed in a “civilized protective” position. Missile units often will swap, go to wings and attack the unprotected flanks of human army. A formation which has no real weaknesses and benefits but uses a balanced mix of strategies.

Also Siege tactics are enhanced and different strategies will be used by Eastern, Barbarian, Greek and Roman cultures.
Bridge AI tactics are also enhanced to provide a crash of human forces from the start of the battle and also less fatality of generals.

Human formations are enriched with adaptation of most of the above mentioned formations to the custom based formation of the game.
To use them select all or a proportion of your army, group them and select one of the special formations with efficiency. Special adjustments have been made to preserve the alt-click keep of formation.

-Update 10.8:Corrected some minor issues in human formations=
1)The alt-click preserve
2)Some rare CTDs when too many units were drag and tried to be put in a single line

Do not hesitate to contact me in my forums : http://www.twcenter.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=71
and my e-mail: thomadisnick@hotmail.com
for comments, feedback and suggestions.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Darth Vader